Karmic Guide Through the Charms of Tarot Cards!

Karmic Guide Through the Charms of Tarot Cards!


How about just flipping a card and getting hold of your future? It sounds intriguing huh? Well, this is possible only through the wonders and charms of Tarot reading. One always tends to make the perfect choices in case of their love life, professional decisions, and even familial troubles. But somehow, somewhere or the other you do lack, but that one missing piece of the puzzle tends to bother you. What is it that Im missing out on, or where am I going wrong? 

Well, the answers to the above questions might not be clear to you as of now, but one thing is for sure that there is some unseen force blocking your path. Getting some insight into those unseen forces can be easier with the positions in the five-card tarot reading. It will assist you to dig deeper into your karmic energy from your past, present as well as future. So, brace yourself as youre about to get the answers to all your questions after which success might feel that far after all. 

Karmic energy card: Position 1 

Apart from considering your emotions and beliefs, if things are not going as planned then its not just you, but at times the situation is also to be blamed. The karmic energy card aims at highlighting the energies and vibes surrounding your situation. 

By detecting the nature of the vibes radiating around you as of now, one can also come to terms with what actually is not right. The karmic energy card and this position give you detailed guidance into the fact that what external forces are blocking your way towards ultimate success. 

Karmic roots card: Position 2 

Karma, as we know is a force that takes into account your previous deeds and acts upon them in your present lifetime. People do claim, that even after all the efforts one might not get the desired results due to the influence of their karma. 

The karmic roots card elucidates and throws some light on your karmas of the previous lifetimes, and howre they impacting your current situation. It also gives you guidance about not just how, but also about why are those forces of your past life giving you a hard time in your current situation. 

Opportunities card: Position 3 

Well, as for this card one first needs to get a little philosophical perspective. Life is not always sugar spice and everything nice because this sounds kind of unrealistic. In order to live a successful life, one ought to deal with the hardships of life, or else things might look a lot easier, and trust me, life is boring when its easy. 

The opportunities card, in terms of the third position, tends to highlight the patterns of the challenges you face, and this in turn will assist you to transform and mend your ways to work more towards progress rather than cribbing over and your struggles. 

Karmic potentials Card: Position 4 

Before we begin with the karmic potential card, first you need to get one thing straight in your head is that it is never too late” and especially when you think of making changes. There are a few actions that every person tends to portray in their behavior, and there is always scope for improvement while we walk towards the path of success. The karmic potentials card in terms of the fourth position will assist you in detecting your potential scale. 

It will give you the tad but idea about where are you going wrong or about what all talents of yours need to make use of and apart from this, out also gives you an idea about the direction and the force of the wind, that whether or not are the odds in your favor.

Karmic lesson card: Position 5 

This is the last and probably the most important card in the five-card tarot reading. It is often said that your destiny is written and all your actions in life are the result of your past life karmas. But let us tell you that nothing is farther from the truth, you have the strength to build your destiny. It is you, who holds the power to change the course of your actions. 

The karmic lesson card is all about indicating your areas of flaws and how can you make certain personal changes in your life to bag the best possible results and in life. It will not just tell you what to do, but it will also give you insight into what changes await you if you make optimistic amendments in your course of actions.