Kala Bhairava is the incarnated form of Shiva. The Supreme God holds the immense power to annihilate the evil and the other malefic energies by enveloping the positivity around the individual. The count of 64 bhairavas is making sure to guard the points of the different directions and is also making sure to protect them in every several ways possible. Kala Bhairava is known to be the leader of all the other Bhairavas and that is why he is known to rule the supreme sense of the trail of time that leads to the past, present, and future. Kala Bhairava is known to be ass clayed on a dark body with fiery-eyed. He has a garlanded skull of humans all around his neck. A snake lingers around his neck along with a moon residing on his head. He has a trident that he is holding in one of his hands and on the other hand, he holds a bowl of a beggar with a skull. His vehicle or the ride is a dog of black color. Kala is the representation of Time and the Lord Kala Bhairava is the Lord who deals beyond the cycle of Time. He has a timeless presence of the three spheres of Time.


There was a time when Vishnu and Brahma got into a debate regarding the statement of who was the universal God between both. Somehow, this information went to Lord Shiva and he presented himself into an enormous stand of light that started stretching from both sides in the massive Universe. Then he spoke out that the God who reaches to the tip of this undying light would be known to be the mightier one. On hearing this, Vishnu shape-shifted into a boar and went towards the lower direction of the light but in vain. On the contrary, Brahma shape-shifted into a swan and moved upwards but never really found the top-most part of the light.


When both met, Vishnu humbly accepted his defeat of not finding the end of the light but Brahma took the chance and claimed to have found the top-most part of the light. As a witness of the situation, he also presented the ketaki flower. After listening to all of these, Shiva gets fumed that Brahma lied. Out of rage, he produced the Kala Bhairava from the third eye of his forehead. Kala Bhairava ripped off the fifth head of Brahma who claimed the falsehood. Brahma understood his fault and made repents by bowing down in front of Shiva. The fifth head which was separated from Brahma got stuck to the Kala Bhairava’s hand as he committed the crime of killing a Brahmin. This was a Brahmahatya Dosha. Due to this, Bhairava roamed from place to place to let go of the head. He went for seeking alms and the alms were given in the skull that got stuck on his hand. That is why he was also named Bhikshadana. At last, when Vishnu and his wife, Lakshmi filled his skull bowl with food, it fell from his hand, he got relieved from the affliction.



Kala Bhairava is known to take care of the time and if an individual worships him then there will be success and good times coming to his/her life. He has the power to convert the inauspicious times to the auspicious ones. He holds the power to change your life and everything that is destined as well. He also holds the power of releasing people from their debts, nightmares of death, bad karma, and can help with the status of financial conditions as well. The planet Saturn is connected with the deity of Lord Kala Bhairava. That is why it is very beneficial to worship God with prayers every Saturday to get rid of any adversities that might take place in life. There are also chances of new opportunities that might bring success in their life.