Just how fabulous having Moon in Aries could be

When one is discussing or reading about zodiac signs, they usually look at the Sun sign. Sun sign gets all the attention and people think that this sign is enough to completely tell us about a person. Far from it, Sun sign only plays a tiny part in denoting a person’s personality. Without considering the influence of the signs in all the other planets, accurate depiction of one’s personality can never be made. 

The second most known sign is that of the moon. Though not many know their Moon sign or how it affects one, it sure is the most known after Sun sign. The Sun sign is our exterior, our actions, our expressions and our general personality. While our Moon sign is our emotions, the motivation behind our actions and the base of our personality traits. Think of moon sign as the kitchen where all emotions and motives are made and the sun sign as the table where all the reactions and actions are served. Having said that, no matter what our Sun sign is, our moon sign seems to affect us in more intensity than we can ever imagine. 

Being born with the moon in Aries can make you Bold, fiery and quick to react. But more than just that, know-how being born with the moon in Aries shapes one’s personality. 


Probably the most prominent trait in a person born with the moon in Aries is that of being independent. They govern themselves on their own and though they might crave people’s company and opinions, they never NEED it. They are well enough on their own, even when days are rough.


As mentioned, Moon in Aries makes a person bold enough to impress anyone they meet. They don’t have a shy bone in their body and they do what they want to. Nothing is stopping them from taking actions and getting up on the stage to show what they are made of.


Anyone born with Moon in Aries is said to be very impulsive, quick to react. They don’t think their actions through and before they even can, they have already performed the actions. Though there are regrets they feel, there are even times where their impulsiveness led them to amazing experiences and places. There is almost no person with Aries in the moon who hasn’t tons of interesting and crazy stories to share. 


They keep their emotions in check and often try to limit how vulnerable they are with others. They feel uncomfortable with sharing anything personal with others and just cannot handle sentimental conversations. They are the epitome of awkwardness during receiving physical or emotional affection. One needs to have some patience before they openly welcome cheesy feelings and emotions.


They don’t believe in falsetto and pleasing others. They say what needs to be said and they do it directly. They do not believe in talking about someone behind the back and being fake to them on their faces. This trait can become tragic for some, but when they have found the right person, as a friend or a lover, this trait of theirs is very valued. 


Anyone born with Moon in Aries is so full of hot-headedness that they only need a small trigger to burst in flames and react quickly. They rarely think before acting and live to regret the dozens of mistakes their anger made them do. 

Need for excitement 

They are full of their need for surprises, spontaneity, adventure and mystery. They hate endless routines and always look forward to days where they take decisions in the heat of the moment. This is what makes them satisfied in their life and provides them with happiness. They are all about spontaneous dinner nights, instant vacation plans, going on unplanned trips, etc. They love doing their own thing, and their own thing almost always has to be something adventurous, something dangerous and something very interesting.