Jupiter Transit In Aquarius

Jupiter Transit In Aquarius

About Aquarius:-

They are born between the time span of 20th January to 18th February. Aquarius people will be the funniest and the most independent ones. This zodiac sign is all about change and the people having this zodiac are the progressive thinkers. They can be stubborn and emotionally detached as they always want to be different from every other there in the crowd.

Aquarius have a sense of fairness that’s brought on in part by their need to avoid ugly scenes. They are the first ones to look at both sides of the situation in a diplomatic fashion. They don't believe in character defamation so they will rather do something constructive than listen to the gossip.

These individuals try a lot to understand different people’s views and how they see the world around them in an effort to find solutions to their problems. This sign understands that perfection is an exercise in futility, they don't hesitate to speak up if they think that you aren’t doing good enough to improve your life circumstances.


About Jupiter:-

Jupiter is the second most important planet after the moon in astrology and specifically comes to the material aspect. It is the natural significator that is the Karak planet for a lot of important aspects of our life which is the major reason why Jupiter is very important to us.

Karak means the planet which is the natural controller of that particular area or that particular aspect of our life. This is irrespective of the house lordship or the placement of that planet in a particular house. This means that Jupiter is the natural significator that is the Karak planet for education. In Vedic astrology, education is also controlled from the fifth house.

Suppose if Jupiter is not controlled from the fifth house or aspecting in the fifth house but still we are going to look at the placement of Jupiter in order to see how the education of that person is going to be because Jupiter controls the education naturally. Thus if Jupiter is weak then it creates a lot of hurdles in education.

Similarly, Jupiter also naturally controls a few  of the other aspects like knowledge, wisdom, spirituality, teachers and all the teaching which we learn. Jupiter is a Karak planet for prosperity, wealth, children, fortune (bhagya) and religion (dharma) and many more. 


Jupiter transit in Aquarius:-

Aquarius is a neutral sign for Jupiter. When Jupiter transits to the Aquarius it makes a person quite logical, realistic and gives a scientific temper to him/her. As Jupiter is all about the gradual expansion so it will expand the logical approach or the realistic approach of the person.

But initially, we have to see the placement of the moon and laguna lord because the moon is the mind of that person which signifies if he/she is interested in these things or not. Thus, the moon is the first planet to be seen and after that the laguna lord of the ascendant lord which governs that whole personality and body.



1. Jupiter energy is something that anyone in your life can experience from you not just reserved for your home life. It's your philosophy and your views about religion, how money comes to you in life, travel, your higher learning and much more.

2. Jupiter is the most positive planet as it has the power to change your life because it changes you or it changes the way you see the world, your perspective and then your actions too.

3. Jupiter gives us that sense of positivity and wonders that newness that anything is possible. The dreams come true that god conquers evil and that there’s a point to all of this.

4. Jupiter is very important not only for philosophy but also for your career because it is very hard to have a career as it takes so much more time if you are not motivated in that area. So linking it will motivate you to do your work.

5. If your south node is linked with the Jupiter, it can get a little tricky because you are maybe heading towards it or heading away from it is not that significant.

6. You will be looking for a perfect balance. Discovering the positives as well as negatives of the situation after the Jupiter transit. This kind of attitude is also true if you have a Jupiter sign and house in the complete opposite direction.

7. You will have the gift of thinking outside the box, the champion of social change and always love the underdogs and the breakers of chains.

8. You are also called the superhero of tolerance, acceptance or being able to embrace somebody who has completely different viewpoints and philosophies than you do.