Jupiter mahadasha for Libra ascendant

All about the planet Jupiter

This planet is known for giving positivity in abundance. In general, the Jupiter rules over the law.  It has great importance in astrology. Basically, it’s all about making the people wise, generous, liberal, educated,  spiritual and rich.

In Hindi, this is known as a guru. Many people call it Brihaspati as well. It is inimical to the planet venue. It has a strong relationship with the kids and wealth. All the Sagittarius and pieces people are quite decent, devoted, spiritual, dutiful, obedient and honest as they have Jupiter as their ruling planet.

This planet is meant to expel darkness. Represented by guru Dakshina Murthy, it has great wisdom. It is called Zeus by the Greeks. It is considered one of the most auspicious planets in the zodiac planet. When this planet has a really strong effect, it brings a lot of things like luxury, power, position, and spirituality.

Negative sprouts from Jupiter: though very rare

Any negative placement of Jupiter in the birth chart, you can be very unfortunate. After a point of time, you will find it hard to stick to spirituality and lose faith in God. You might also suffer in terms of money.

A lot of frustration will bring anxiety to another family members as well.

Happiness in Jupiter mahadasha

This mahadasha period of the planet Jupiter is considered very auspicious. If you are already in power, you can become much more powerful in this period. Your business tends to develop in leaps and bounds even if you are a poor businessman. Get ready to get into some reputed college if you are a student. You are most likely to excel in your academics. Gaining knowledge of spirituality is tend to happen in this mahadasha period.

The power to know the present, past, and future exists in this period. You are most likely to be honored by the government. You will most probably gain social status in this mahadasha period. Many kinds of auspicious activities are likely to happen. Such as weddings, yagyas, and children.

You will gain so much happiness and attention that it will be hard for you to digest that much of happy things. It can be happiness from the kids, or family in general. You will gain a lot of buddies during this prosperous period.

The ill-effects of this period

You are likely to get respiratory problems. It can be asthma, obesity, etc. The elderly might lose hope from you and you might not receive their blessings.

Jupiter mahadasha for Libya ascendant

There is no scope for good results. This planet, which is called as a guru in the Hindi language, is the lord of the third and sixth house. Diseases, debts, and enemies will most probably surround you in this whole mahadasha period.

The only hope for some good results can be acquired if it is positioned in its own and exalted sign during its stint.

In this case, you can expect positivity. Pack your bags libra! Things like travel are then likely to happen! If not the huge ass trips to places like Greece and Bali, you can surely expect small trips to nearby places as well. So don’t need to worry about that.

You can also win over your enemy. So don’t start a riot now! Violence is never good. Of course, I meant verbal ones. You can stay healthy and happy buddy during this mahadasha! You have some scope for spiritual development to libra!


I hope this article was beneficial for the tall and handsome people you there who are born in the libra ascendant, also called Tula Lagna. Not just smart and tall but you all are blessed in good physique too. Not so lucky though, you can have a bit spaced teeth.

You all love spending time with your friends. Your thoughts are also quite volatile. You are a famous friend in your social circle and live to have a lot of friends.

You can be a lot like a Virgo. Expecting things to be perfect and getting anxiety from the untidy atmosphere. You will also have a very strong inclination towards music and art, basically creative stuff.

You are always there in your friend’s hard times. You don’t ignore them at their worst. Quite truthful, you have various interests. Not one but badly obsessed with a lot of different things. Confrontation is not your thing. You let it slide away. So let’s just conclude by stating the best of being born in the lives ascendant. High morals and high values in life!

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