June Zodiac Sign – All About Geminis

June Zodiac Sign – All About Geminis

The June Zodiac Sign is Gemini. Gemini is an Air Sign that begins on 20th May and ends on 20th June. So, the majority of June is dominated by the lingering scent of Gemini. Gemini is a Zodiac Sign that is represented by a pair of Twins. It is hard to understand a Gemini completely because they are prone to do unpredictable things.

General whereabouts of our Social Butterfly ~

Being an Air Sign, they do not like to stick in a place for so long and are always on the move. They prize their independence and would cut anyone out of their way if somebody forcefully tries to inhibit their independence & freedom away from them. They are always in pursuit of many things. Many people understand the symbol of Twins to be double-faced. It is not that Geminis are double-faced, in reality, they are just constantly juggling between their varied passions, interests, hobbies, careers, etc. A Gemini can be a tough multi-tasker.

Geminis prefer text messages over Phone calls ~

They love texting than being on long phone calls with people. On text, they are less awkward and more authentic. Geminis can feel frozen on the spot if surrounded by a lot of people they don’t know. But at the same, it is also true that holding a conversation with Gemini is a lot simpler because they are aware of many topics and are good conversationalists.

Geminis are not afraid to say “I don’t know” ~

Sometimes in their friend circle, they can be labeled as the stupid one because if they do not know something, they would be utterly honest about it rather pretending that they know it. They are not stupid; they are quick-witted. The pace with which they perceive the world around them is much faster than anybody else’s pace.

Being in Love can be confusing for Geminis ~

In Love and Romantic Relationships, it is impossible to be hesitant around a Gemini because they love to treat everyone the same way. They can be quite audacious and flirtatious with everyone they meet but that doesn’t translate into them being “seriously interested” in you. The first wish to be friends and pals’ type of a thing before moving onto serious subjects like love & being in love. Geminis also have a notorious reputation of being a serial heartbreaker. It is half the truth. Geminis can indeed move on pretty fast as compared to everyone else but that doesn’t mean a particular relationship was much more enriching than the other.

They are hyperactive and have a short attention span ~

Have you ever noticed a Gemini holding a blank expression when you have had a pretty long conversation with him or her? It could a family member, your spouse, your friend, etc. In Astrology, Mercury is the Ruling Planet of the Zodiac Sign of Gemini and Mercury is all about communication and technology. This affects a great deal to all the Geminis due to which their mind remains hyperactive & they generally develop short attention spans because a lot goes in their mind at the same time than they can keep track of.

Geminis as Boyfriends & Girlfriends ~

A Gemini can be a pretty devoted partner when with the right choice of the person. They won’t go for looks at all. Rather, they get attracted to people who hold similar thoughts to them and love the vagabond kind of lifestyle. They would love traveling with their partners and exploring different countries and cities. Gemini’s love cuddling and are fond of receiving short & brief pecks on their lips and chin. A Gemini partner does not believe in preaching & talking, rather they showcase their love and affection for the other person through gestures and unspoken things. This makes them romantic in their way and style.

Keeping a journal is the best way to tame their Hyper Active Mind ~

It is suggested that Geminis keep a diary with them when their mind races. It can make them feel light when too many thoughts dash across the screen of their mind and they grow restless. Meditation and doing Yoga would also be very beneficial for all the Geminis due to which they would have a stable enough platform upon which they can best express their ideas to a larger audience and won’t have to feel dizzy or overwhelmed even if grave differences or crisis arise.