JANAM KUNDLI- The answer to a perfect life

JANAM KUNDLI- The answer to a perfect life

Astrology has the power to guide us towards a much happier future. It is a science that studies the movements and placement of the celestial bodies to determine and predict future possibilities. Janam Kundli, also known as birth charts, is one such tool created and used by Vedic astrologers to make predictions about the person’s future. Moreover, this is also used during the process of Kundli matching to check compatibility for marriage. 

Forming of Janam Kundli. 

The positions of planets, stars and many other celestial bodies during the birth time and birth date is taken into consideration for forming of a person’s Janam Kundli. This is a chart that also includes the placement of the Sun and the Moon. It focuses on the effects this particular position of planets might have on all areas of the person’s life. The Vedic astrologer, using the birth time, detects and calculates the ascendant or the rising Sun of the native. They then divide the person’s Kundli in 12 different houses. This aide in the matching of the Kundli with that of their potential partner in the future, before marriage. 

These houses have a fixed position in a person’s Kundli. It is the position of the planets and other celestial objects that keep on changing over time. Each of these houses is focused on a certain aspect of a person’s life. It focuses on relationships, love life, career, health, etc. 

Benefits of Janam Kundli. 

There are several benefits that a Janam Kundli can bring in a person’s life. From simply helping them avoid wrong decisions to decisions that can completely revolutionise their life, Janam Kundli gives the person the power to know what the future keeps in store for them.But is not all that Janam Kundli benefits us by.

Personal traits.

This Kundli is specific to the person and unlike zodiac signs that give a generalised pattern of behaviour, Janam Kundli focuses on that one person. It focuses on the many strength they have and also pinpoints at the flaws and weakness that might be bringing them down. 


The Janam Kundli helps a person understand themselves better. It paints a picture of the person’s personality and thus making it easier for the individual to gain more self-awareness. Moreover, the houses and its constituents are studied carefully and these are the things that in the end affect and influence a person’s personality. 

Career choice.

The Janam Kundli helps the individual in making well-informed career decisions. From what types of career, they are fit with to what areas of industry they should opt for. These help the individual from making a decision that is well thought of and also based on possible predictions of the future. Everyone wants to be successful, right? Kundli matching helps an individual from making decisions that can potentially ruin their entire life.

Knowing the presence of doshas.

Astrologers give utmost importance to checking the presence of doshas in a person’s Kundli. These doshas are fatalistic positions of planets which results in those planets to be a bad or even harmful influence on the person’s life. When these doshas go unnoticed, the individual is moving towards a very unsatisfied life that would be full of struggle. But at the same time, if they are detected at the time, they can be reduced or eliminated. These doshas are eliminated by many remedies that are suggested by the astrologers. For instance, they suggest the gemstone the person should wear to reduce the presence of any dosh.


Marital prospect.

Marriage is a big decision in one’s life. Everyone wants to have a marriage that leads them to the land of happiness. Only if there was a manual, we can follow to attain the perfect marriage...

For centuries, marriages in Hindu cultures have been blessed by the custom of Kundli matching. In this process, the Janam Kundli of both the partners is matched to check whether there is any dosh and how compatible they would be in different areas of their life. There is immeasurable power that Janam Kundli has on a person’s life. It helps the person lead a life full of happiness and fulfilling.