Janam Kundali Matching by Date of Birth and Remedies for the Mismatch

Janam Kundali Matching by Date of Birth and Remedies for the Mismatch

The union of two people is more than just being married and living together. It is the consideration of other additional factors that determine Kundali Matching by date of birth of two people require the time of birth, date of birth to determine the qualities, approaches, agreements as well as disagreements that might happen when two people get married.


Although, it is said that matches are made in heaven when it comes to reality it is not that dreamy and all perfect. In order for the marriage to work, things are also to be kept in mind from the perspective of two separate people. The beginning of few months goes all sweet and well but after a while, hell breaks loose.


Everybody comes with a definite destiny in their Janam Kundali or birth horoscope. Janam Kundali is nothing more than a picture of the several planets and horoscopes in the twelve different houses. This Janam Kundali helps in Kundali Matching by Date of birth.


Wouldn’t it be great and ideal to know the future with your partner in advance and understand how to deal with the issues and problems that have yet to come?


 Role of Janam Kundali in Kundali Matching by Date of Birth

 Janam Kundali is a picture of the planets and the many zodiac signs that are placed in twelve houses. The picture comes into form with the time of birth, place of birth and date of birth of the particular person and all of this explains the weaknesses and qualities of the person.  The probability of occurrence of events at various levels and spheres of life.


When matching the horoscopes and kundalis of two people there are several factors, gunas, and doshas to consider but also Kundali Matching by Date of Birth is also a thing that is considered before binding two people together.


Astrology and Numerology has always played an important role in deciding the compatibility of two people through the process of Kundali Matching by date of birth.

The matching the time of birth and date of birth is essential to take into account the different birth charts and planets residing and revolving in the houses of the two people separately and how will it affect them combined and married.


The probabilities of fighting, arguing, agreeing, disagreements, approach to life and having a child, considering the health and wealth aspects as well. The favorable and advantageous kundali yogas as well as the unfavorable and the distressing, worrying kundali yogas. And some other activities, information about the past and present lives.


 Doshas and their Remedies

 There are some doshas that might show up in a person’s Janam Kundali but in the other’s. In this section, we will discuss a few of the doshas that can occur and remedies to eradicate them. Following are the Doshas that help to factor the Kundali Matching by Date of Birth:


  1. Dampatya Badha Dosha: It is the Dosha that puts obstructions and hindrances in between the timely marriage of two people. It occurs because of the bad positioning of the weak birth planets or malefic planets.

Remedy: wearing Tantras, benefic gemstones, reciting mantras, donating clothes and food to the needy.


  1. Manglik Dosha: This dosha is found in many horoscopes of people and it occurs because when planet Mars is posited in the fourth, seventh, first, twelfth or eighth house. It is said to be one of the serious and troubling dosha among all.

Remedy: Kumbh Vivah, fasting every Tuesday, wearing red coral, donating sweets on Tuesdays and reciting Hanuman Chalisa.


  1. Shrapit Dosha: Shrapit means ‘cursed’. It occurs when both Rahu and Shani (Saturn) both are placed in any of the houses of the individual’s birth chart. This dosha is a result of wrong deeds and past life karmic actions of the person.

Remedy: Worshipping Lord Ram and Hanuman, by offering cooked rice mixed with ghee to cows, helping the aged, disabled and needy people with selflessness.


  1. Chandra Dosha: When the planet Moon is in a bad position or is weak in a person’s birth chart then that person suffers from the Chandra Dosha; resulting in emotional disbalance, relationship problems, etc.

Remedy: Keeping fast on Mondays, donation of rice, white clothes, curd on Mondays, reciting and chanting the Chandra Grah Mantra.


 These were some of the doshas and their remedies that will help you get rid of all the malefic energies and negativities in order to have a successful, happy and long-lasting marriage.


 Conclusion: Kundali Matching is not merely matching the gunas and qualities of two people but it is also the Janam Kundali Matching by Date of Birth. There are additional factors like placements of the signs and planets in a person’s houses and how they determine the benefits and disadvantages that they will incur due to the negative energies of the planets and signs.