Is there any difference between Vastu norms of office and home?

Is there any difference between Vastu norms of office and home?

Vastu Sashtra is the set of rules of architecture that should be considered while designing any home or work – places. In astrology, it is a very popular concept that is followed and has been proving quite effective for a very long time.

It is believed that if a certain section of your home or workplace is not designed properly according to the rules of Vastu Sashtra, then there might be a negative influence in your life due to it. This is the reason; it is absolutely necessary to follow the architecture described by the Vastu Sashtra.

Are Vastu norms different home and office?

This is a very popular question that is always been asked by many people. The answer to this is No. These Vastu norms are created based on the same principle. There are differences in the architecture of home and office places because both have a different set of sections.

In a home, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. are present while in offices you don’t have to create bedrooms. Instead, you need managers rooms, conference rooms, canteen, etc. But all these different sections are designed considering the same Vastu norms.

There is no difference in the principle which needs to be followed while designing the home and office places.

For example, usually according to Vastu bed - rooms are designed to be present in the southwest direction. Similarly, according to the Vastu norms, managers or CEO’s rooms are created or designed in the southwest direction as well. Hence, we could see that Vastu norms are similar in both cases. The difference is just the sections.

Vastu norms for home

Following Vastu, norms are absolutely necessary for a happy and positive home. The correct design of a house can play a significant part in maintaining happiness within your home.

While designing a home, usually people follow the following Vastu norms. These are the most basic ones. There are other different norms present as well.

The most important part of a home is the bedrooms and it is important to understand and design the bedrooms according to the Vastu norms.

According to Vastu Shastra, bedrooms should be present in the southwest direction of your home. Your bed should be placed in a direction such that when you sleep your head should be in the north direction. Bedrooms should also contain windows so that sufficient light enters the room. The door and windows usually designed to be placed in the east direction. As the sun rises from the east, so the beneficial sun rays in the morning can enter the room.

A kitchen should be placed in the south – east direction. Also, it should be kept in mind that the bathrooms are not beside kitchens. Design your house such that bathrooms and kitchen have sufficient distance between them.

The praying room or the Puja room should be placed in the northeast direction. If for any reason the northeast direction is not free, it can also be placed in the north or the east direction.

Vastu norms for office

Correct Vastu norms are also necessary for a successful and positive ambiance inside the office or workplaces. Hence, the following are some of the important Vastu norms that should be followed while designing offices.

The rooms for managers, bosses, CEO should be present in the southwest direction. the southwest direction is considered to be the most auspicious part of your entire architecture. Hence, important rooms should be designed in that direction.

Employees should be seated in a place that is present in the northwest direction, and the seat must be faced in the northeast direction. This will ensure that they stay positive and active during work hours.

Vastu norms states that, financial discussion, decisions or any other work related to finance should be done in the north direction. It ensures good financial stability in the company. Northeast direction can also be used for that matter.

Important papers or documents should be present in the southwest section. And they should also face towards the north east direction.

The desk or table used in the offices should be rectangular in shape and of good quality. The table should also be made of wood.