Is Love At The First Sight A Myth Or Reality?

Is Love At The First Sight A Myth Or Reality?


Don’t all of us believe in love at first sight, it has to be one of the most magical feelings and all of us wish for it to happen to us? There are two types of people in the world, first are the ones who are really quick to fall in love, literally at first sight. Second, are the ones who are very cautious when it comes to a matter of love. They take every step with precaution and try to avoid any heartbreaks.

There is no doubt about the fact that our zodiac signs play a vital role in our love life, they impact the way we think, feel, and perceive love. It decides whether a person will be quick or slow to fall in love. Some people take time to decipher their feelings; they feel that it is very easy to confuse the feelings of love and lust. It takes a lot of time to build a strong relationship because the actual relationship starts after the initial attraction starts to fade, that’s when the real test begins.

The zodiac signs which are quick to fall in love have a strong belief that they have developed a very strong connection with their partner and think of it as true love. Now, this may or may not be true, but it is always better to take your time when it comes to matters of the heart.

There are various other reasons which impact the feeling of love. It has been proven that idealists and positive thinkers are much more open-minded, and hence open-hearted so they fall in love quicker than pessimists and realists.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to love, it all depends on person to person and their thinking. There are people who start to develop feelings for anyone who shows them a tad bit of affection towards them while some will choose to ignore all signs unless they are ready.

Everyone has their own pace when it comes to love; there are some who might declare their love for one another on the third date, whereas some won’t be ready to make it official even after months of dating.

Here are the zodiacs which are the quickest to fall in love:


There is a whole lot of love in the world and Aries makes the most out of it. They may not stay in love for very long, but they sure fall quickly. They don’t really believe in the concept of forever, in fact, they feel that how can someone stay with the same person for their whole life (kind of like Bunny from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani)

However, this does not mean that they don’t love truly. Whatever time they spend in a relationship, they give in their full efforts and their feelings are real. They have a big heart and are impulsive by nature which is why they fall in love quickly. An Aries loves “love” and doesn’t really worry about the future; they live in the present and enjoy every moment.


The cancer had to be on this list, they are the most emotional zodiac sign so there is no doubt that they are quick to fall in love too. Not only do they fall in love fast, they will start caring deeply for people they just met which is an amazing quality, but in this world, it often leaves them heartbroken.

Cancer is mostly attracted to someone who needs support; they won’t go for someone who is strong and mature but someone who needs their help. If you open up to them and show them your vulnerable side, then they probably will have planned their future with you.

No matter how quickly a Cancer falls in love, they won’t show it soon. They are not risk-takers and won’t reveal they're true feelings until they are sure about the relationship. They have this fear that if they declare their love, they might come off too strong and scare their partner away.


All Leo needs is to be treated with respect. They have a sense of royalty and know their worth so they wish to be treated in a certain way. They prefer to wait for the right person to come along who values their worth; however, this does not mean that they can’t fall in love quickly.

They know they deserve the best, but it gets really difficult for them to control when someone treats them like royalty. If someone showers them with compliments, respects them, acknowledges them, they go weak in the knees.

When Leo falls in love, it is full of passion and enthusiasm, they won’t let that spark die and will put in their 100% in the relationship. Leo likes someone who is similar to them in their nature or personality. If they find someone as fun and energetic as they are, Leo is sure to fall heels overhead in love with them.


Libra works in a cycle when it comes to love; they fall in love and out of it but doesn’t stop them from falling in love all over again. Many people have tried to figure out what actually goes on in the mind of a Libra when they deal with matters of love, but no one has been successful, in a fact many people think even Libra doesn’t know, they truly feel with their heart and not think with their heads.

Libra loves the attention and little flirting at the start, but as soon as reality sets in that the next step is a committed relationship, they get cold feet and back off a bit. A Libra is quite similar to Cancer when it comes to whom do they fall in love. They too will fall in love with anyone who is kind to her, maybe a stranger who passed them a big smile.

If a Libra gets to know that the person they have been crushing over too has feelings for them then it could definitely turn into something real.