Is Libra the most honest Zodiac Sign?

If you are born under the Libra sign you’re going to be very fair and rational about the things that happen in your life and you will be the person who is going to be extremely pragmatic about the decisions which you make in life.

Being a Libra makes it difficult for people to know about you in detail if they are not as close to you in the way you think about them. Without further ado, let us dive deep. 


You have a very commodious heart! 

 You can recollect one incident that hurt you a lot in the past or an incident which you can never forget because of which you had to go through a lot of pain and being a Libra forgetting something is a very difficult task for you to manage.

That being said it doesn’t mean you hold grudges against people but you are extremely reticent about that.

The main reason behind that is you do not have enough time to spend and invest your energy in wasting time by holding a mere garage against something because it is very evident and clear that Libra is a person who has pragmatic and person who does not do something which is purely based on emotion or instinct but you think about the situation in a very logical way so by doing so it’ll help you to optimize the outcome. Thereby making the best out of the situation which you are currently in.

This is because you have a very forgiving nature and you are always the person who gives people a second chance because you have belief in the idea that anybody can improve but that does not make you forget the amount of pain which you had to go through because of somebody is betrayal or because of somebody breaking the trust between you and then. 


You are against hook-up culture 

 Your sun sign desires stability and you always prefer a partner who will accompany you for the rest of your life I’m not someone with momentary benefits because you have a very clear idea about the big picture you are imagining about your life making you more self-aware and critical about the decisions that you take which makes you extremely intransigent about the decisions that you have already taken at the beliefs which you have.

You always crave deeper connections over fragile and shallow relationships. This quality is very significant because of the amount of patience that you get through this sun sign. And because of that you also become very picky about whom you date and you do not let anybody enter your personal space without thinking about it. 


You are the most honest person in the group! 

 You are a big fan of justice over equality because you are a person who scrutinises a situation and has the intellect to think about that in a very different perspective than the rest of your group. this quality helps you stand out from the different Zodiac signs which we have and because of this quality you never lie.

it is true that you might sound little blunt but you make sure that you speak the truth and you do not try talking about anything equivocally because you believe that nobody deserves special treatment. 


You have more in your personality which is less obvious 

 You are that type of a person who will stand against the bully in the college and rather not laugh with them. And to add on if you ever commit any mistake you are not all afraid to accept the mistakes because you are a very self-aware person with very less or no self-doubt making it even easier for you to accept your mistakes and to improve upon them and you make sure to not repeat that again.

That is the reason why you will never blame someone else for the mistakes which you have committed because you have the strength and the ability to improve yourself rather than pointing fingers at someone else in your group and this is the cumulative of all the positive attributes and traits which you have because of the sun sign that you are born in. 


You do not trust anybody else advice 

 As you know we keep on repeating this line that you are extremely pragmatic about the decisions which you make it is very true and a very significant trait the other sun sign gives to you and because of that you just do not believe anybody made by professor made by your parents or made by your significant other without seeing something in reality.

You are not going to trust them no matter how much they try to convince you about the thing which they are telling you. this is the main reason behind your scepticism but this is often misunderstood in a very wrong way because others cannot imagine the position which you are mind always is in. 

You always like to analyse things in your own way and try to give it your own flavour of thinking rather than blindly accepting somebody else’s conclusion and this is the main reason why you always avoid gossips in your workplace or you try to avoid gossips in your University because you really value your time and the main reason why you do not believe or indulge in gossip is because of the fact that we just discussed above regarding the scepticism which this sun sign gives you. 


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