Kundli Milan or you can say Kundali Matching is one of the most auspicious activities which takes place with utmost importance before a marriage. Very common in Indian marriages, this process is always done before any marriage. Since there is a big chunk of population which goes for an arranged marriage, the kundali matching takes place in such cases. However, it is not always the same under the case of love marriage. The Kundali Milan is often ignored in some cases, while it is considered necessary to take place in some other cases.

The main reason of Kundali matching is to check the compatibility of the bride and groom. It often takes place to know whether the bride and groom would be able to live a happy and successful life or not. There are several benefits of Kundali matching such as checking the compatibility, knowing about the characteristics in terms of strengths and weakness of your partner, their personality and many other features. Since it is a tradition which is very popular among Hindus, it is considered as essential during any auspicious event of marriage.

To check the compatibility of the boy and girl, the Kundali of boy and girl are matched under certain parameters. There are 8 aspects, also known as the ashta-kootas, where the ashta stands for the significance of number 8, on the basis of the Kundli Milan takes place. Each ashta-koota holds a certain number of points on the basis of which calculation is done. These eight aspects in each Kundali are based on the different features such as sexuality, personality, mental and physical sexuality and temperament. All these things together form the ashta- kootas and sum up a total of 36 points, on the basis of which the ratio of a successful life is rated.

There is a certain basis on the basis of which the compatibility is matched. These points are also called gunas. You must have always heard that there are 36 gunas to check a marriage through kundali. These gunas are the aspects of ashta- kootas only which helps to check the base of marriage.

It is said that if less than 18 gunas match out of the total 36 gunas, then the marriage is disapproved by the scholars. In the cases where the guna matches between the range of 18 to 24, then it is said that the marriage holds the ground of compatibility and the marriage is approved by the astrologers.

If the points are above 24 and less than 32, then the marriage is said to be good as well as highly compatible and, thus, is approved and recommended by the scholars. If the points or the gunas match above 32, then it is said to be highly compatible and is highly recommended by the astrologers as it is believed that the match is made in heaven and the compatibility level is made only for each other. The best form of marriage is considered where the gunas match above 32.

Even though the Kundali Milan has been in practice since ages, there is a problem which is felt in this Kundli Milan system. The problem which occurs is that most of the astrologers neglect some points of a match which often leads to the incomplete match of Kundli. One such aspect is to check the life span of the bride as well as the groom. Some other factors which also come under this span are such as quality of their marital life, chances of having off-springs, the planetary positions as well as any other doshas which may exist. The neglect in these points leads to the difference in the quality of marriage life even if it is showing the best match on the Kundali.


In the cases of arranged marriages, where the bride and groom are unknown to each other, the Kundali Milan is often required to know about the personality, characteristics and compatibility of their partner. But not marriages are arranged. There are cases of love marriages as well. In the cases of love marriage, the two people get a lot of time to know each other so there is no requirement of checking the compatibility part through the Kundali Milan. However, it becomes important in the cases where we need to check the quality of marital life, off-springs, life-span, chances of divorce and so on.

Where there is mutual love, the Kundali Milan is not required as the lovers will not get separated even if they find some problem. Love is based on trust, loyalty and understanding. If a love marriage takes place then there are higher chances of a successful marriage as the couple has the urge to live their life together for a whole lifetime. But even if they try their best to live a successful marital life, a thing known as karma occurs in each and everyone’s life. This may lead to negativity, mishappenings and any other event which may lead the marital life to take a long turn.


There are situations when people want their life with only one person and are ready to do anything for it. However, due to the doshas or the mismatches, there is unable to get the desired life which they want. So, to take care of such needs, our astrologers are always there to help. There are several remedies which are provided through the astrologers in the form of guidances which help them to avoid the misfortune. To remove the doshas, certain remedies in the form of havans, pujas and auspicious timings are taken into account by the astrologers.

However, even if there are certain remedies, what one should always do is to try their best in order to make sure that they live together happily no matter what the situation is. Standing by their partner's side, making the necessary compromises, the best try to accommodate with your partner with love, care and loyalty are what turns even the mismatch to a perfect match. If love, care, loyalty and understanding are there in a relationship, then no one can wreck their love and marital life as these 4 things become the strongest pillars of a relationship.