Is Crystal Healing a Pseudoscience?

In recent times, many alternative medical techniques are adapted by people. These healing techniques have been developed during ancient times and people from those times used to follow these techniques for healing themselves. Though these healing techniques don’t have any scientific proof people do get benefits from these techniques. One such example of healing techniques is Crystal Healing. This technique is also considered a pseudoscience.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is a technique of healing in which many crystals are placed on or around the person’s body to transfer positive energies from these crystals to the patient’s body. It is similar to Reiki but in Reiki, the practitioner’s hands are used to heal but in case of crystal healing special crystals like quartz are used to heal a person from various diseases. These stones are considered to have healing powers that can heal or protect a person from various diseases. There are 7 chakras in our body so the crystals are sometimes aligned as per the chakras or to the body part which needs to be healed. It can interact with the chakras of the body which initiates healing. These crystals are supposed to have powers to absorb all the negative energies from the body. Different crystals have different healing powers. They are chosen according to their colors, shapes or sizes. Like Reiki, it can also help a person heal physically, mentally, or spiritually. Many perform meditations with crystals to develop a better concentration. It is also used to heal patients from depression and other mental problems.

These crystals are even used for tarot cards cleansing. It can draw out all the negative energies when putting above or around the tarot cards.

Do Crystal Healing actually work?

There are no scientific studies that can prove these alternative medical techniques. Medical Astrology, Reiki, Crystal Healing, etc. are supposed to have a placebo effect on the patient which helps them to get healed. If any person is told that these crystals are creating some vibrations or producing some heat when put in contact with the body, then their mind themselves will try to experience these things even if there are no vibrations generating from the crystals.

Many scientists have done tests to know if these crystals actually heal or not. They tested some groups of individuals and given them fake crystals and told them about their effects and asked them to meditate with them. After the session, each individual told that they do experience some of the effects mentioned earlier. These prove that these techniques are just a belief and it cannot heal a person. It’s in the person’s mind and that’s why they feel that they are getting healed because of the crystals. Even scientists don’t believe in the thought that these crystals have healing powers.


So, even if you believe in these alternative medical techniques don’t completely rely on them. It doesn’t guarantee to cure any diseases but it definitely says that it can help a patient to heal faster. 

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