With all the things I have heard in childhood, one thing I have realized that you are responsible for your actions, no matter what it prevails. Holding yourself accountable for what you have done is extremely important. At times, you might be stuck in a situation where you are unable to control your sizzling tongue, which later leaves your mind into a big fuzzy. Being responsible is a sense of uplifting in some and teaches all of us a way of discipline.

Unlearn being irresponsible

Too many times we hear, that being cool and embracing a free mindset can lead to successful things in life. But, it's not true, you need to realise that having a free mind does not always leave a tint of responsibility within you. Having a free mind can make you irresponsible at times, you might feel it's okay to hurt someone, it's okay to put up a show or leverage our sleuthing skills. Well, here I'm not suggesting you roam naked because you feel having a free mindset gives you a high status of innate liberation. Thus, we forget that our thoughts, our very own thoughts convey an impactful message, it is our nimble minds that lead us to do an action, majorly react and soundly revolve into motions, those intact only once we decide. Remember, what you sow in your mind is sworn in your actions. Major responsibility starts when you have a balanced mindset, neither too wild, neither too extreme. It's time that you start taking regard to the words you say, confront them and act accordingly to your words. Make sure you don't mess up your words and actions together. It's highly appreciated when you mean what you say and act according to your tongue. But, that doesn't mean, acting harsh would empower you.

Think before you act

It's very crucial that we put a thought of rationality before we sweep the act into our actions. You must always think right before you do your Thing. As I said, it's very important to have a balanced mindset, and I've also talked about how a free and wild mindset can give rise to life's troubles. Thinking before you act will not only help you keep track of your raw movements but also make you access your potential to be the best version of yourself. It's super important that you nourish your thoughts and pamper them like you pamper your skin daily. After all, our minds are also bound to go through uncanny confusions that we may not at times understand.

Keep a track of your behaviour

We live in a world where we feel lost and sometimes indulge ourselves into misdeeds acts, I'm not saying we all do it unintentionally, some do it out of addiction, and that coaxes them to do those behaviours intentionally. We must keep a track of our behaviour no matter however they are, good or bad ones, keeping a track always counts.

Say sorry

Apologizing to people don't make you small or big, it's important to say sorry even if you have done a minuscule error. You will see a great turmoil lift from above your heart once you say sorry to people after doing mistakes. Ask me how many times I've felt good about being human when right after doing a mistake, I uttered a valuable word 'sorry'. The word alone is super impactful and can make you feel good from the inside internally. Even though, when you intend to make unintentional errors, that doesn't make you irresponsible, but saying sorry can do a lot of wonders.


Look in the mirror, tell how good you are. Start taking responsibilities seriously. Think that you are big enough to lift any responsibility off your shoulder. It's easier and won't budge a thing. Being irresponsible is not fun at all, it only increases troubles for one!