Interesting Facts About Numerology Everyone Must Know

Interesting Facts About Numerology Everyone Must Know

The study of astrology has opened our eyes to a variety of new dimensions that we have never paid heed to before. These dimensions are quite interesting and make us plunge into deep thought over how basic everyday life can be predicted by so many common things, our life is made up of.

However, one must not confuse astrology with superstition. Astrology requires proper knowledge and reading of the stars, planets, and constellations above, linking it with everyday life to give it meaning.

Similarly, out of astrology emerges the branch of numerology. As its name states, numerology is the study of numbers linking it to various events of our lives. Believe it or not, our date of birth, name of birth, day of birth, and age has a lot of significance in our lives.

Numerology argues about the fact that the universe can be broken down into simple elements.

These elements are numbers that will simplify our understanding of the wide universe. If the concept of numerology excites you, you must read a few very interesting facts about the practice, below! 


Few Very Interesting Facts About Numerology: 

 Each Number has a particular meaning- This may sound ridiculous, but every number present in our knowledge, represents a specific personality trait. These traits can be found within specific people and they will in some way or the other, be linked to the said number. These numbers can help one find zen in their lives and seek professional guidance based on such. Each number has a significant meaning and will help one gain valuable insight into their lives. 


You Can Calculate Your Own Life Path Number- 

A simple formula exists where one can calculate their own life path number. This number will help you gain interesting information about yourself, your innermost desires, your negative and positive traits, and many other things you thought did not exist. An accurate calculation will result in an accurate prediction regarding your life. The life path has aspects ranging from love, career, life, health, social life, marriage, and many other sectors.  


The Master Numbers of Numerology- 

The three master numbers in numerology are 11, 22, and 33. People who are born with these numbers in their birth name, or date of birth, are attributed with certain ‘special qualities’ within themselves that set them apart from others. Make sure to find out if you’re a part of this elite club and then use it to counterplay with your meanings about life as they hold pretty massive significance.  


The Vivid History of Numerology- 

Numerology dates back to more than a thousand years ago and has its traces in Japanese, Roman, Greek, and Chinese civilizations. Pythagoras is a Greek philosopher who is mainly associated with modern-day numbers. Although it is not proven, most people think that Pythagoras’ theorems helped develop what modern-day numerology is all about today.  


Your Personality Number Can Help You See Yourself From the Lens of Others- 

The personality number is different from the others both in terms of expectation and its functions. It helps in listing out how others perceive you before getting to know you, by the outward characteristics you possess. This number can help you know more about yourself, what you aspire to be, and your desires in life. It is an extremely useful and beneficial number to study about and can also help you conduct yourself in the presence of others, making you more easily approachable, or whatever personality type you like. It helps you get an insight into the type of energy you send to people around yourself and how they perceive it, and simultaneously allow you to make suitable changes to such.  


Your Birth Name has its own Numerology as well- 

Even if you grow up and have happened to change your name, the birth name you were given holds increasing significance in predicting a lot many things about your life. This happens because the primary numbers in numerology do not change if the names are changed and remain the same, holding the same amount of significance, irrespective of external change. In case of changing your names, all you will produce is a second numerology chart for yourself which must be combined with the original chart to get a proper reading.