Have you ever tried to figure out what signs are compatible with your zodiac? Well, if you haven’t then trust me you would not want to waste any more time, as matching your zodiacs with the suitable ones might give you an idea about your preferences and your possible partners in the future. Likewise, we have one of the most intense zodiacs and their compatible signs. 


Hold your breath and control your attitude as we have one of the most intense leaders in light right now, Scorpions. Born between October 23rd and November 21st, after Aries If anyone can take hold of the ‘leader’ title then they are the Scorpios. These fire signs tend to have a hard covering from the outside, they do have a lot of anger, passion, and intensity in them, but the fact that deep down they are as sensitive as strong they are from the outside is also true. They are emotional people with a deep sense of imagination that not everyone can relate to. Scorpios are ruled by two planets Mars and Pluto and well after this combination one can easily figure out the reason behind Scorpio’s deadly instinct. The amalgamation of these two planets contributes to the dark and dangerous side of the Scorpions. 

Since it’s their time of the year so, we would suggest that you better not poke them or get into any sort of argument with them as you’re definitely going to lose big BIG time buddy. Trust me, you don’t wanna mess with a Scorpio as they surely make you regret it later. People belonging to this sign are also always party-ready and they are always up for quirky and goofy tricks and their drink game is also very strong so, you better have a good capacity if you're about to party with a Scorpio. Well, now enough of the scare, let us have a look at those signs compatible Scorpios: 


First up we have the Cancerians, they might have a different nature than that of the Scorpios, but they both are quite compatible in terms of a relationship. Cancer is the people who tend to give importance to stability and balance in life, they appreciate minimal living and this stability is what calms the intense and dark traits of Scorpios. They both state a certain level of emotional intensity, moreover both of them prefer to keep their affairs private and are intuitive. This intuitive nature of both makes their sex life quite satisfactory and fun. Cancer is ruled by emotions which can definitely help the not so expressive Scorpions to express themselves. So, all in all, both of them complement each other in terms of a relationship.



Even with Pisces and Scorpio together one can spot a brilliant match and this because of the gullible nature of the Pisces. The loyalty and calm nature traits of Pisces can be a good match for the Scorpios as they have some issues trusting people. The physical relationship of the two will be quite intense and loveable because o their emotional intensities. Moreover, we all know that Scorpios are born leaders and they like to boss around people so, in the case of this match, the issue of ego will probably not be an issue because Pisces is content to follow. So, both of them are considered to be a compatible match because of the gullible nature of Pisces.


The personalities of the two are quite poles apart, but if taken a look closely this diverse personality is one of the biggest reasons behind their successful relationship. Scorpios are leaders and they like to take control whereas the Virgos are meek and they let the Scorpios take control. There is no battle of domination between the two, like the fact that Virgos allow the scorpions to take control and this brings out the sweet and gentler side of Scorpios. So, all in all, they both complete each other as the Virgos are analytical and scorpions are quite the emotional ones so together they can always find the common ground and make this match a life long one.