Integration of body, mind, and soul with THE UNIVERSE!

Integration of body, mind, and soul with THE UNIVERSE!

Microcosmic and macrocosmic - You have probably heard these words quite often! Despite the vastness of the universe, you are only a speck in it. One of the smallest particles in an ocean so vast and spread out. Have you ever wondered if there is a connection between the small droplet and the entire ocean? There is indeed! We are the small droplet amidst the vast ocean that is the Universe. A microcosmic representation of a macrocosmic universe is our body!

Our every action is in harmony with the universe. The act of doing anything directly connects us with the universe, whether the task is performed with or without conscience. In accordance with Newton's 3rd law, every action is followed by an equal and opposite reaction. Both sides of the coin are involved. Have you ever noticed the number 11:11 when opening the screen of your phone out of the blue? What if you wanted to talk to someone and they met you at the next stop? Did you ever receive a document with the letters AGP on it and realize, "Those are my initials?"? This is a sign that the universe was in communication with you if you experienced things like this at least once in your lifetime!

Then why didn't I notice it earlier?

Come on, dear! You were always in touch with the universe, it was always talking to you! However, were you able to hear it clearly? Imagine receiving a letter in the spam folder, but not opening it! Due to the fact that it went unnoticed. Possibly you did not understand the "language of the universe" which led you to feel this way. Once the lingo has been learned, the message can be decoded! Want to learn how?

The desire to know how….

This itself is the first process! The desire to learn, to know. Well, the universe has a lot of ways to communicate let’s step by step take a look at each one of them:

A simple 6 lettered word: ANIMAL

As you wait for your friend, imagine you see the cat staring at you for quite some time! Seeing the cow on the street the other day brought back memories of your native place and grandparents.

It's a simple six-letter word. Every animal has a message to convey. It is impossible to separate a creature from its idea or feeling. There is a connection between the dove and peace, the wings and freedom, the butterfly and beauty!

A repeating pattern

Must have heard about the “Angel numbers” ! ‘11:11’, ‘333’ , ‘99.9’ Did you ever see these numbers on the station, the price of your new kit, or just the room number of the hotel you stayed in for the night ? Numbers don't really come with wings and a shining crown, but they do carry a presence or a power of the universe. There is a different meaning for each of these numbers and patterns in numerology.


Have you ever wanted some urgent funds and you just received your long-awaited pay? You think about someone and their notification comes to your phone. Talking about purchasing a new car with someone, the newspaper boy comes with a pamphlet from a dealership? All of these are messages from the universe. You are receiving a response from the universe! It is letting you know that everything is aligning according to plan!

What a dream!

The other day, you woke up and realized that the life you dreamed of was perfect. The ancient art of dream decoding dates back thousands of years. You dreamed about a bottle on the beach. Now, what does that decode? This is something you need to think about deeply. Remember what color the bottle was? How did it look? How did the ambience around you feel?

What to do in reaction?

Don't forget that the ultimate universe is always showering you with love! You play a role in it. It always tries to find out what is best for you. In order to learn from the universe, you must cultivate a sincere desire to do so! A willingness to hear what the universe is saying. Keep your eyes on yourself and enjoy yourself. What was your mood like at that time? What was your energy like when you received that sign? Be guided by your intuition. Don't let the busy world distract you from this moment! An ear that is patient and a stable mind. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!