India is known to be the land having festivals all year round. We start celebrating with Ganesh Chaturthi in September and different festivals then are continued to be celebrated throughout the year. Sharad Purnima is celebrated in the autumn season on the day of the full moon. This is considered to be the harvest festival. On the night of Sharad Purnima, we get to see Moon with all its sixteen unique phases. We welcome goddess Lakshmi on this date and worship her. This particular festival also signifies the end of the Monsoon season. However, this year, Sharad Purnima will take place on 30th October.


Reason Behind Celebration:

As per old sayings, it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi comes to our home during this festival and bestows upon us her blessings. However, it is said that you should be awake and only then she will bless you. Another legend behind this festival is linked to Lord Krishna and his gopis. Therefore, this festival is pretty famous among couples. They tend to express their love for one another on the night of the full moon.


Importance of Sharad Purnima-Lakshmi Puja:

Goddess Lakshmi is one of the most worshiped Hind deities. There are a lot of people who seek her blessings in temples and pray even at their homes. This is the goddess of money and wealth. There is a lot of importance attached to worshiping this goddess. Lakshmi puja is generally performed on the third day of Diwali as well. Not only is this puja performed at home, but also in the shops of big as well as small businessmen.


Better Family Life:

Family is one of the most important parts of anyone’s life and hence everyone wants their family to thrive well and live with harmony. Therefore, Lakshmi Puja will make sure that the peace in your family is maintained at all times.


Removal of Obstacles:

Hardships will keep knocking us down and we will have to face a lot of hurdles or obstacles in our life. Hard work cannot always guarantee success and hence Lakshmi Puja plays a great role in removing certain obstacles. By performing this Puja, you will get the strength and patience to solve all your problems easily.


Accumulation of Wealth:

As per old Hindu sayings, goddess Lakshmi is said to be the goddess of wealth and money. Therefore, during Sharad Purnima, Lakshmi Puja is done in the hope that this the goddess will bless our homes with good fortune and also safeguard all our wealth.


Reduced Negativity:

This puja is recommended by most pandits to reduce negativity or ill blessings in your life. This is mostly because one might have got a lot of success at work as well as the work front. By performing this puja, you will also be able to concentrate towards your goal and work for your success.


Methods of Performing:

This festival is pretty famous and is performed in regions across East India, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Orissa. During this festival, everyone stays awake throughout the night, and the goddess Lakshmi is worshiped throughout the night.


The Moon is said to be very close to the earth and since Moon has healing powers associated with it, this festival has gained so much importance. This festival is believed to heal your soul as well as your mind.


One will see people coming out of their homes to bask in the glory of the Moon. Various sweets like kheer are eaten by people as well as offered in the form of prasad to the goddess Lakshmi.


People tend to not look at the Moon through naked eyes. They boil milk and look at the Moon’s reflection in the milk. Fasting is then done by the newly-wed women. The in-laws give a basket full of gifts to the new bride.


The houses are decorated and food offerings are made. People stay awake the whole night playing games and enjoying themselves. During the fasting period, one is supposed to consume liquids only.


One can have milk as well as coconut water but nothing else. At night, milk and rice are eaten and certain mantras are chanted in order to impress goddess Lakshmi and also to ask for ger blessings.