Insight into a Tarot Card Spread

Insight into a Tarot Card Spread

What is a tarot card spread?

A tarot card spread is a pattern or a method in which tarot cards are presented after shuffling in front of the people who are going to be asking questions from the cards. There are many different kinds of tarot card spreads. Each type has its own meaning. A tarot card reader uses their own preferable spreads for different purposes. For example, one type of spread can be used for spiritual guidance while other types can be used for career advice. Sometimes, a reader can also make up their own kind of spreads. Each card position in a spread has its own reasons for putting it the way it is. The number of cards in a spread can range from 3 to even 78 cards as well. The number of cards differs from spreads to spreads.

 While shuffling the cards it is said that the person who wants to ask any question should focus on their questions so that the cards can extract their energy to themselves. 

The following are some of the Tarot Card spreads used by the readers:

1)      The Celtic Cross Spread: It is one of the most commonly used tarot card spreads. This spread is a little bit complex to read but most readers learn to read this spread as it can be used to answer any questions related to your life. This spread is considered to be the most ideal spread for interaction. The Celtic Cross spread was created by Arthur Edward Waite. He is a famous occultist and he even co-created the “Rider-Waite Tarot deck”. 10 cards are needed for this spread.

2)      Cross and Triangle Spread: This spread is used to answer questions about the direction of someone’s life. A total of 9 cards are used for this spread.

3)      Relationship Spread: The relationship spread is used to get advice for your relationships. It can answers questions of your issues happening in a relationship, the various aspects of the relationships, the path that you and your partner need to follow and also what is the current condition of your relationship. These spreads also need 9 cards.

4)      Past Life spread: As the name suggests, this spread can be useful to answer questions related to your pasts. Sometimes, the past can impact a person’s life in many ways. If you want to know in what ways your past has influenced you then this spread can be used by the reader. These cards can tell you about the mental, physical and even emotional influence on your present. You can also know its impact on the future as well. These spreads consist of 8 cards.

5)      Dream Exploration Spread: These spreads dig into your dreams and find out what is the reasons behind the dreams, the meaning of your dreams and what it is trying to tell you. How you’ll be able to apply those lessons on your life can also be known by this spread. It needs only 3 cards.

6)      The Career path Spread: This spread will tell you the solutions to any problems that you are dealing with in your professional life. This card can also be used to tell the best career path for you that is the most suitable considering your present state of mind.

7)      The spiritual spread: Tarot cards can be helpful for spiritual guidance as well. This spread is used for this purpose. Lots of obstacles come in your way if you are heading towards a spiritual path and this spread will tell you ways on how you can face these obstacles. It can help you improve and grow spiritually.

Apart from these, there are many more spreads as well each having their own solutions.