Insight into a Reversed Tarot Card

Insight into a Reversed Tarot Card

The Tarot deck has 78 cards in it. These 78 cards have two versions – one upright version and the other reversed version. Now, most of the readers ignore the reversed version of tarot cards and prefer not to read it. Most of the time-reversed Cards are considered to be a sign of negative things or an indication of bad luck. But these reversed cards can be used to go deeper with the intuitive thoughts and also to get better results in reading. It can expand your reading ability to predict things from a larger point of view.

Now 78 cards in a tarot deck have 156 different meanings with one upright and one reversed meaning for each card. This becomes a hell lot of work to study an extra 78 meanings of the tarot deck so most readers stick to only the upright versions. This is another reason why most readers avoid using reversed cards. And, it is difficult to read reversed cards as well. So, it is often advised that the beginners should first master readings with the upright versions before starting with the reversed ones.

Ways to interpret a Reversed Tarot Card

Most people say that the easiest way to understand or read a reversed tarot card is to just reverse the meaning of the upright version of the card. For example, if the upright version of a card shows positive signs to anything then perhaps the reversed version of that card will signify negative signs and vice versa. This is the easiest way to interpret a reverse tarot card but many readers don’t prefer this method.

Another way to interpret a reversed tarot card is to understand the meaning of the position of the cards. In this technique, they study the real meaning of the reversed version of a specific card and then interpret the readings with it. They depend on their intuition to understand the actual message that the reversed card is trying to tell. This is the best way to interpret a reversed card as a card can have a different meaning for different situations so it is not preferable to accept that a reversed can only have a meaning opposite of the upright version. Also, the meanings of reversed cards can be affected by the cards prior to the reversed ones in the deck.

What are the possible meanings of a Reversed Tarot card?

People mostly believes that a reversed card is an indication of bad luck. But in reality, this is not the actual case. While it can sometimes indicate a piece of bad news but it brings good news as well. Let us see some possible meanings of a reversed tarot cards -

1)      A reversed tarot card can signify that something that you want to achieve in your life is blocked or is not able to get fulfilled due to some reasons. This doesn’t mean it will not going to happen but it means there will be a delay in the fulfillment of that particular thing.

2)      The other possible meaning of a reversed tarot card can be a departure of some specific things, people or even energy from your life. It can be for good and sometimes for bad as well depending on the card.

3)      Another meaning can be an indication of you holding certain things that you need to let go of. Often in life, we tend to hold things that are meant to be get rid of. So, a reversed card can also mean that you have to let go of certain people or things from your life.