Influence Of The Love Goddess – Venus In Taurus Man

Influence Of The Love Goddess – Venus In Taurus Man

Taurus man is a name that will top the list of most stubborn men of the zodiac. They are also passionate lovers which are often not known to many of the people surrounding them. This will be a disturbing factor when the Taurus man searches for love in those around them.

People often feel that handling the bull and his temper is a difficult task. But, behind the sheath of stubbornness and hardness, there resides a soft-hearted, easy-going, and passionate lover who would go to any extremes for those he loves. This attitude of the Taurus man will make him a trustworthy choice for his relationships who believe in long-lasting, loyal, and stable relationships.

The effect of Venus in Taurus will be an impactful event for enhancing their relationships. He is not the kind of person who rushes things. He takes his own sweet time to make decisions and stick to them. Those looking for easy and quick commitment would be agitated and irritated by this attitude of the Venus in Taurus man.

This lack of speed would be a beneficial thing for him and his partner because there would be no decisions taken in haste. This will create situations for more stable and suitable relationships.

Preferences of A Venus in Taurus Man

A Venus in Taurus man is the kind of person who prefers and finds comfort in simpler and natural things. Essential oils flavored liquids and perfumes, there is nothing which will leave the attention of the Venus in Taurus man. A Venus in Taurus man, is not the kind of person who would hit the road on a long weekend. He is a Netflix and chill kind of person who would stay home and enjoy his lazy day out. Reaching out to him with a good box of food, preferably a vanilla cake will catch his attention faster than anticipated.

He is more into food and would love being around someone who has a well-organized kitchen. Aromas are another major factor for Venus in Taurus man. A room with vanilla-flavored perfumes that will surely strike back memories of good times in his head will be a good start for room décor.

Vases with fresh flowers and everything attractive will catch his attention and keeping in mind mild details would be a great step to take. He is more of a natural person over artificial things. A hot cup of coffee and rain with the eternal smell of wet mud would make a great evening for him. With all things in place and his partner around, he would make the best of his day always.

He is more of an old school person who loves classics and evergreen trends over the latest fashions and things crowds run behind. With Venus in the sign, the Venus in Taurus man is attracted more towards feminine things easily.

Physical Attractions of A Venus In Taurus Man

A Venus in Taurus man, due to his old school nature does not run behind size zeroes and highly fashionable things. He wants comfort over structures and likes those who are comfortable in their skin rather than compare themselves to others and worry. As a person who believes in expressing their emotions through actions, they expect their partners to do the same.

Expressing love towards the Venus in Taurus man through words and other methods of speaking will yield lesser reaction as compared to that expressed in actions. This is a technique to lure the attention of Venus in Taurus man. Though similar to the Taurus man, the attention of the Venus in Taurus man to minor details and feminine things must be observed carefully.

Liking the feminine things is not a factor that is suitable to the normal Taurus man who is more of a macho kind of person. While being aware of the many special features of the Venus in Taurus man, it should also be observed that the level of criticism would be comparatively lesser.

The Venus in Taurus man appearance is more of a sensitive person who would find it pretty difficult to tolerate negative and hurting comments on him. This must be taken care of greatly so that conflicts can be avoided better. Emotional regrets will be much greater for a Venus in Taurus man and it would take a big toll on him to reemerge from the past emotions and failures especially in the love sector.

While attracting the attention of the Venus in Taurus man in love can be an easy task, making him express it is not, which is a major fact about him.