In 30 days, there would be 3 Eclipse, what is the indication?

In 30 days, there would be 3 Eclipse, what is the indication?

Eclipse is a wonder of celestial bodies and constellations. The important it is for the evolvement of Science, it is equally important in the paths of Astrology. The effects of Eclipse takes place over every living things of the Universe.

Dated, 26th of December, the Eclipse created the involvement of Covid-19, which has taken over the world and people are still dealing with such a pandemic. In the middle of this crucial period, within 30 days, there will be an entrance of 3 Eclipses, which is formed in the constellation due to the situation of the planetary positions in the solar system, giving us the alarm for the stressful period.

Among these 3 Eclipses, two of them will occur at the month of June and the third eclipse will take place at July. The respective upcoming eclipses, along with the dates are: 5th of June, 2020, Shadow Lunar Eclipse; 21st of June, 2020, Solar Eclipse; 5th of July, 2020, Shadow Lunar Eclipse.

The special and the supernatural situation is the occurrence of two Eclipses at the same month, will be taking place after 50 years. According to the Vedic Astrology’s holy book, Brihad Sahita, if any of the month experiences two or more Eclipses along with the effect of the inauspicious planets, that situation or period turns out to be stressful and painful for the people. As written in the Shastras, such situations create painful period of the King along with the tension that runs along with the financial crisis. According to the scriptures, water related happenings turns out to be painful and places like Kashmir and China will experience an excruciating period due to that.

As said by the astrologer, Pandit Vikrant Jain, among these Eclipses, 21st of June, 2020, the Solar Eclipse occurring in the zodiac Gemini and Mrigasira Nakshatra is going to be full of stress and its effects would bring lots of ups and down in an individual’s life. In this Eclipse, related to the Mars planet, Pisces will become fixed and would look forward to the Sun, Rahu, Mercury and Moon celestial bodies in the pattern of the constellation, who is an inauspicious signal. During this period, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and other 6 planets would go retrograde, which will create an auspicious situation.

Natural disasters and clash with the supernatural powers of the planets along with the virus Covid-19, will create a crisis in the financial sector as well in the world. There will be chances of Earthquakes, jealousy among countries and cold wars will form an unhealthy environment. People would grow more restless and become engulfed into insecurity. As far as the pandemic, Covid-19 is concerned, the origin of the problems created due to the eclipse will be destroyed by the eclipse itself. The process will be slow and this eclipse’s effect will last for 6 months.

Dated 5th of June, 2020, the Lunar Eclipse, along with India and Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia would be visible. It will be a Shadow Lunar Eclipse, which will last for 3 hours and 15 minutes. This Lunar Eclipse will occur on the 5th of June, 2020 from the time of 11:16 p.m. to the 6th of June, 2:32 a.m. This Eclipse will take place in the zodiac of Scorpio and Jyestha Nakshatra. As this Eclipse is also known as the Shadow Lunar Eclipse, through the religious factors, any type of ill-effects won’t be happening and it had no importance to it. Dated 5th of July, 2020, the Eclipse will also occur as a Shadow Lunar Eclipse, which will not be visible from India. America, the Northern zone of Europe, and Africa will be able to see this Eclipse. According to the Indian time zone, it will start from 8:37 a.m. to 11:22 a.m. This Eclipse doesn’t have religious importance as well.

Dated 21st of June, 2020, at the day of Ashan Krishna New Moon on Sunday, the Eclipse’s occurrence is termed as Kankanakruti Khandgrash Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse will be visible in India and except India, this Eclipse will also be visible at Myanmar, South Russia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Japan, Korea, South China, and parts of Yemen. As it Eclipse is occurring on Sunday, according to the Vedas and Shastras, it is also known as Chura Mani Eclipse. In the Chura Mani Eclipse, bathing, meditation, donation and prayer through beads has a special importance.

According to the religious point of view, due to the Eclipse, will start from 20th of June, 2020, 10:19 p.m. Duration of the period of the Eclipse will start from 21st of June, 2020, 10:19 a.m. till 1:48 p.m. The Eclipse will have a great impact over the different zodiacs and its importance will be explained in details in the next article.