Important terms about the position of alphabets in names used in numerology that the experts use!!

Important terms about the position of alphabets in names used in numerology that the experts use!!

In the art of numerology, each alphabet is associated with meaning and you need to know the traits and attributes according to the position of each letter in your name. The placement of these alphabets in your name has very important influences on the way that you live your daily life. 

 Not all letters indeed affect you in the same way. Some letter affects your life, more than the others. The position of the letters are very important and today we will be talking about the key positions that the letters have and the ways they affect your life. 


The cornerstone

 The first letter of your name has high importance in the art of astrology and the methods of numerology agree with that. The position of the first letter of your name is known as the cornerstone. It talks about the general details of your life. The cornerstone also draws several basic insights about how you live your life. The first letter of your name deals with the various ways the bearer of the name approaches a challenge in life. The question of whether the person will stand tall or fall in times of stress is seen by the first letter of your name. The swinging in your life and the way you react to it is determined by the cornerstone of your name. 


The capstone

 The opposite of the cornerstone is the capstone. The capstone is the last letter of your name. Last but not least in its own right, this letter is very important to declare your due course in life. It tells about the way you will live your life ahead. The capstone talks about the way you end all the decisions in your life. The capstone is also referred to as your “finishing number” at times. 

 The cornerstone and capstone work together and tell about the past and the future. The name is very important for your identity and it also an important aspect of your life course. It shows the patterns of the way you start a project and the way you end it. It tells all your attributes and manners about the ways you perceive your task. The questions of are you a shaker or mover? Are you a procrastinator? Are you a stern worker? 


First vowel

 The first vowel of your name is the gate to your soul. The vowel is the passage to your core. The vowel talks about the deepest desires and the goals that you want to achieve in life if you know the secrets associate with the first vowel you can know the path that your angels want you to follow. The first vowel of your name guides the cadence and diction of your name, but this is also very secretive, unlike the cornerstone which is often used in the initial. While signing a document, it is very common for many people to stress the cornerstone and capstone letter. The first vowel is not stressed often. This is also seen while finding the meaning of each letter of the name. This secretive letter can tell you about the matters which are most close to your heart and the stuff you do not talk about to other people. If you are wishing to choose some other name, try thinking of the first vowel too along with the capstone and the cornerstone. This underdog can guide your life. 


At times the names are also used with the date of your birth to find the best-suited path for you. You can easily find the divine path you should follow with the help of online resources. Finding your life path with your name and date of birth online according to numerology is easier than you think it is. You just need to enter your preferred name and surname in the placeholders. Some websites also ask for the date of birth while calculating your name score. If prompted enter your date of birth in the specified format and wait for your results. It is very common for two names to have the same score with the positions of the alphabets so do not worry if that happens with you. Focus on how the reading affects your life.