Importance of the presence Ketu in astrology

Importance of the presence Ketu in astrology

In astrology, Ketu is considered to be a malefic planet. People are afraid of their presence as it has lots of negative effects on the life of people.

Astrology works on the position and movements of planets. Hence, planets are an important part of the Vedic Astrology. Certain planets can have lots of negative effects on the lives of people and this is the reason why people are so scared of its presence.

Ketu is one of those planets whose presence creates a lot of worries among people. Rahu is another planet which has similar effects like Ketu. These two planets are considered to give unexpected and sometimes negative results to people.

Presence of Ketu

There is no physical presence of Ketu in our solar system or even the universe. Planets like Mars, Saturn, Venus etc. have a physical presence, unlike Ketu. Ketu is an imaginary dot in the sky. You won't be able to find any physical presence of Ketu.

It is considered that the presence of Rahu will make a person get involved in materialistic wants. It might fill the mind for comforts and greed towards money, luxuries etc.

While Ketu is considered to bring enlightenment, spiritual growth to people. This way they get detached from the materialistic things. For this reason, Rahu is considered to be a giver which gives a person love for materialistic things, on the other hand, Ketu is a taker which takes away the materialistic love from people.

Effects of Ketu

People are genuinely very scared of the presence of Ketu as it is considered to bring failure, conflicts and negativity in the lives of people.

Of course, it has certain positive effects as well. Every planet has some positive as well as negative effects in the lives of people. Everything depends on its positions. A favourable position of a planet will bring positive results to an individual's life while an unfavourable position indicates the arrival of obstacles.

Negative effects of Ketu

An unfavourable position of Ketu can be quite dangerous. It might make your life extremely difficult with full of challenges, hurdles and pain. This is the reason why people who believe in astrology are scared of Ketu.

Astrologers believe that the presence of Ketu can bring conflicts in your life. Your relationships might get highly affected due to the presence of Ketu.

It is believed that love life can be severely impacted due to the effects of Ketu. There might be misunderstandings, fights etc. due to the presence of Ketu.

Ketu might also bring ego, anger and arrogance in your personality. You might behave rudely with people and there might be an outburst of anger inside you. These things are seen as common among people who are affected by Ketu.

Other areas of life might also include losses, issues, and thus life can be perceived as a total mess.

For every effect of a Ketu, there are hundreds of remedies available. Hence, every problem will get over if you will correctly apply some useful remedies to your life. Many astrologers might help you in finding the correct remedy for your problems.

Positive effects of Ketu

If the Ketu is in a favourable position then there will be positive impacts on your life. Ketu will be granted good health if it is positioned in a favourable position.

Presence of Ketu will be filling your mind with creativity. Your mind will be spiritually enlightened. You might receive success in work and relationships might be in a great position.

If it is in a favourable position, Ketu will make sure that you receive great opportunities and success in your life. You will be feeling your spiritual growth inside you.

Ketu can be an indication of immense professional success in your life as well. Your hard work will be paying off and will be giving success.

You might prefer living a luxury free and simple life. There will not be any need for materialistic things in your life. Ketu will be helping you get detached from all sorts of worldly comforts. The person might be feeling socially responsible for things and will also get involved in things that will benefit society as well as themselves.

Hence, a Ketu will be having both positive and negative effects on people and everything will depend on its position. But, Ketu is not necessarily a negative planet, but its unfavourable position can have malefic effects on people.