Importance of Kundli Matching in love marriages

Importance of Kundli Matching in love marriages

Kundli matching is considered to be a very important ritual followed in the Hindu family to check the compatibility between two people. Astrology considers the Kundli matching as a very important ritual to be followed to ensure happy and successful married life.

The predictions of a Kundli matching are considered to be very accurate as they check the compatibility between two people in all factors of their life. The Kundli is basically a birth chart that has different positions of planets during the time of birth.

Astrologers believed that Kundli can predict someone’s personality to a great extent and the personality can also help a lot in checking the compatibility.

There are 36 gunas or points in the Kundli. These gunas of two people are matched during the Kundli matching. For a successful and happy marriage, the astrologers believed that at least 18 gunas should match. Less number of matching gunas can make the married life extremely difficult. The pair whose all the 36 gunas are matched is considered to be the perfect life partners for each other.

Kundli is checked not only for compatibility tests but also to check whether a person has any sort of dosh or faults in their Kundli or not. There are many different types of dosh found among Kundli like Mangal Dosh, Kal Sarp dosh, Nadi dosh, Shani Dosh, etc. All these dosh have different effects on a person’s married life.

This dosh can also make a married life filled with lots of challenges and problems. Thus, Kundli's checking is done to ensure that there is no dosh in anyone.

Is Kundli matching necessary for love marriages?

People nowadays don’t care much about Kundli matching in love marriages. Kundli matching used to be done to arrange marriages to find the best match for anyone. But in case of love marriages, there are rare cases where people do Kundli matching.

Families might not check Kundli for compatibility test but they can check it for dosh purposes. If the bride or the groom has any kind of dosh then they need to perform some remedies to cancel the effects of the dosh from their married life.

But families not really check it for compatibility. When two persons love each other, a simple Kundli match won’t be able to tell if they are compatible or not. Hence, it is not necessary to match the Kundli to check the compatibility.

It is quite difficult and even unfair to cancel a marriage just because a Kundli didn’t match even if the two persons love each other. In the end, love and support will make the relationship successful.

Kundli matching can be acceptable in case of arranging marriages to find the perfect matches. But in the case of love marriages, they have found the perfect ones for each other. Hence, Kundli can be checked for dosh but Kundli matching is not necessary for love marriage.

Does Kundli matching give correct results?

Nowadays, people are genuinely interested to understand rituals rather than following it blindly. This makes them actually understanding what is correct and what is not.

The Kundli matching is surely a very powerful ritual and it can be accurate. But the main point is that a Kundli matching cannot ensure a happy married life. It can definitely check the compatibility but if someone’s Kundli has matched that doesn’t mean they will live a happy married life.

There are lots of cases where it is seen that even the pair whose 36 out of 36 gunas has matched are suffering from problems in their married life. And there are cases also which can show that the pair with least number of gunas matched are leading a very happy married life.

The conclusion is that, don’t rely on Kundli totally. If you are someone who believes in astrology then definitely believe in the concept of Kundli matching but don’t depend on it fully.

A marriage life requires lots of efforts and the future cannot be predicted so easily by a birth chart. The truth is no one can predict the future. We can predict different possibilities but not the exact future. Thus, it is advised that following and depending on anything blindly is not correct. If you believe in anything then understand the down side of it as well.