Importance of Kundali Milan in Hinduism

Importance of Kundali Milan in Hinduism

Marriage is the only institution where people are off to the bed with someone they are actually not very "to have seen" before status. Therefore it becomes very important that there are perfect compatibility and suitability in this camaraderie. It is a life long commitment. Hence it is required as a promise that two people are equal in their stats and openness, compatibility in their nature and personal aura for a wedding to occur, something which occurs in kundali matching or Milan.




We see there are so many rituals in A particular Hindu wedding. From Mehndi to Haldi, and Roka, these have a very age-old algorithms as per their traditions. One amongst these traditions is the matching of kundali or kundali milan. 


Kundali Milan is the matching or checking the compatibility of two people, to tie the knots in a wedding, on the basis of their horoscopes and natal charts. In a Hindu wedding, people have too much faith in the Kundali because they always acknowledge the success of the marriage by accrediting the Kundali.


The placement of "Moon" is a very important aspect. Moon helps to decide the displacement of the planet with Janam Rashi(Moon Sign) and Nakshatra (Constellation), two of the very important aspects of Vedic astrology. 




People in India have institutionalized this matching specifically for marriage but this is also important in lots of other alliances. Like business partners have also to check on their kundalis if they have some compatibility and if they can work out together. Only expert astrologers who have a very clear hand in these can actually work out kundalis pretty fluently.




There are various aspects that decide the kundalis of people. They all go on to form the Janam Patri of the Jatak. 




This is the basic position of the sky at the time you were born. This is the natal chart of the person. It gives the planet that corresponds to the first house of the natal chart. Each sign gets an equal time of rising in the east that is two hours. 




This chart is relatively based on the position of the moon. If your moon is in the 3rd house then the 4th house will be the relative position of the moon for Chandra Kundali. After ascendant, the moon is the fastest planet, and hence the Chandra Kundali becomes as important as the Lagna Chart. Horoscope is pretty undone without the Chandra Kundali as the Moon changes sign after 2.5 days on a mean basis.




Navamsa chart is an individual chart and it denotes the 1/9th division of a sign. After calculating the position of a planet in a Lagna Chart, it's Navamsa is calculated to check on its strength. If in the natal chart the planet is exalted but it holds weak in the Navamsa, or vice versa,  the planet becomes pretty weak. 




It shows the position planets in the respective houses. The Graha is usually considered where the first house starts 15 degrees before the ascendant and ends 15 degrees after it. Therefore the Graha may fall partly in one house and partly in another. Chalit Chart is pretty complex and is time-consuming.




The positioning of planets in someone's natal chart, some peculiar positions mat arise giving rise to a dosh or yog. Yogs  are the particularly good impacts whereas the dosh is the particular bad ones.

Some of the major yogas include




Angular Houses 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th are known as Kendras. Gajakesari yog is for Moon and Jupiter. Whenever the Moon and the Jupiter fall in any of these houses then the yog is known as Gajakesari yog. This is also formed with the Moon and Venus of someone's Kendra. This yog is considered one of the most auspicious ones.




The conjunction of the Sun and the conjunction of Mercury gives rise to this yog. It pertains to these two planets remain in the proximity of each other. This is also one of the most auspicious yogas.




This Yoga is difficult to find. It happens when Jupiter is in Cancer, Venus is in the ninth house and Jupiter in the seventh house. This Yog is something that assures the person with all the luxuries in life and will. hardly be left penniless.