Importance of alignment of planets in astrology

Importance of alignment of planets in astrology

Astrological planets have a scope of their own. With all these scopes and the formats with the position of the planets, you can understand what is to come in your life.

How are they meant in today’s world?

In astrology, zodiac signs get a tremendous amount of attention — after all, to read your horoscope, all you need is sun sign. But astrology is quite huge, bright and beautiful, and for horoscope, you need to know what planets mean in astrology. And if you want to learn how the stars impact your life. It's not big news that planets are a topic in the world of astrology reading — after all, astrology is all about to interpret the motion of the planets in the life and other celestial objects through the sky (and zodiac).

But knowing the planets and its effects will help you make even more sense of things in your signs of Sun and Moon, and you'll understand why in the next time someone rants about Mercury going backward again, or their positioning of Venus ruining their love life.

Role of the planet in astrology

Each world represents a different set of characteristics and qualities in astrology reading and controls a different aspect of our lives— each adding its unique vibes with it.

Planetary alignment is essential in more than one way in astrology. Astrology's principles are based on the placement of nine planets and their temporary states. Positioning and placing planets in an individual's birth chart affects different aspects of that person's life, whether it is a career, love life,spiritual propensity, health,relationships, etc.

When the placement is favorable, the installation develops an aura around a person that enables him to do it well and brings a lot of positiveness. Thus, these nine planets are significant for understanding the connection between the different events that occur in one's life and the position of planets at that time. Nine planets are listed here.

1.      Sun represents ego and self-awareness

2.      Mercury represents communication

3.      Moon represents emotional life

4.      Venus represents love, beauty, and money

5.      Jupiter indicates luck and opportunity

6.      Mars is all about aggression and assertiveness

7.      Neptune suggest dreams and intuition

8.      Saturn suggests responsibility, routine and time

9.      Lastly, Uranus represents individuality and revolution.

Astrological significance of planets

Well, to know how we are affected by the worlds, everything depends on where the worlds are. Planets travel through multiple signs, as well as their energy performs out differently depending on their location. If you would like to know where your birth planets are, your birth chart will need to be checked out (if you already have your exact birth time, you can create yours online, or consult a professional astrologer to assist).

·         Your birth chart consists of twelve astrological houses and twelve signs of the zodiac that overlap with those houses. But there are planets within all these signs and houses.

·         Every house provides a home for the planets living there — offering that planet a position to act on its energy, "explained Informative Astrology. So, the planets itself don't cause much — it's all about where they are located and how they communicate with other elements of your chart. Every world controls an astrological sign except Rahu and Ketu, which are not real planets.

·         Rahu and Ketu are just the points of intersection between the Sun and Moon routes. Rahu is perhaps the lunar node of the north, the dragon's head, according to mythology, and Ketu is the lunar node of the south.

The features of the zodiac signs are somewhat in accordance with the qualities of the planets. For example, the emotionally unstable and active Aries is controlled by the fiery Mars, the spiritual Jupiter controls the intuitive Pisces, and the compassionate Cancer is ruled by the nurturing Moon, while the optimistic Leo is controlled by the mighty Sun.

Knowledge about planetary alignment also offers us a useful guide to understanding daily life. As when the planets shift and orbit in the sky, in various ways, they turn your focus. For example, a Jupiter transit in your chart could bring you unexpected career opportunities, money, or even luck in love life.

It is important to remember when a planet is regressive or appears to be spinning backward, as it can give some future insight into what is to come.


To conclude

Studying about either the planets in regards to the zodiac is a crucial step to start your journey through the stars. The planets with the orbits frequently move around the zodiac signs and are positioned according to the date and time of the birth of an individual. They include the Sun, Moon,Venus,Mercury,and Mars, referred to as the inner planets, and have a significant impact on our distinct personalities and everyday experiences.