Impact of the New Moon in Taurus on our Mind, Emotions, and Love Relationships

Impact of the New Moon in Taurus on our Mind, Emotions, and Love Relationships

The New Moon is happening this 11th May in the sign of Taurus. Represented by the animal motif of The Bull, this New Moon in Taurus will have a lasting impact on our minds and well-being. New Moons are often cited as beginnings and compared to the stage when we plant a seed for its journey to becoming a full-fledged sapling. This way, New Moon days, are used as perfect days to manifest something in the long run with the help of our imagination and precision.

Taurus is an Earth sign which is known to be calm and placid. This New Moon in Taurus will bring gentleness to our demeanors and enable us to be calm during these challenging times. Let us read in further detail the impact of the New Moon in Taurus this May!

New Moon and the Mind

With New Moon occurring in Taurus, this new moon day gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on our actions and our thoughts. Where are we investing our time and energy? This is the question that we must all ask ourselves this New Moon day to align with the slow pace of Taurus. Taurus is known to be slow and steady so, this is the perfect time to halt yourself if you feel you are going a bit too fast or are burnt out. Taurus people are also prone to laziness, so make sure you know the difference between laziness and working towards something slow and steady. Here’s a simple exercise to do to rejuvenate your mind with New Moon in Taurus.

- Sit in a cross-legged position before going to bed and recall everything that happened throughout the day and what all you did. Then, recall everything that made you smile and feel grateful for. Smile, recalling these things. Now recall all the bad stuff that happened throughout the day. Place your hands together to ground yourself and remind yourself that our responsibility is unlimited. Imagine a gentle breeze blowing over you, refreshing and calming your senses, and open your eyes slowly.

This simple exercise will help you stay grounded throughout your life and align you with the energy of this New Moon in Taurus.

New Moon and Emotions 

People can find themselves reminiscing about their past, digging in the old memories, watching old videotapes and photos. This might happen because the zodiac Taurus likes to remember his past and view it romantically. Single people may find themselves texting their exes or stalking their crush. Don’t overdo it too much as it is just the lingering impact of this New Moon. Emotions felt will be light and pleasant.

If you have to forgive someone and move past the subject, here is how you can make use of this New Moon in Taurus. Sit in a cross-legged posture or on a chair or wherever you are comfortable and imagine the person who did some bad stuff to you. Try to remember the things they did to hurt you and pain you. Exhale sharply when needed if it pains remembering all the stuff. Imagine a gentle breeze blow over your face and remind yourself that what happened belongs to the past, not to the present. Remind yourself that you are in the present moment and the past cannot hurt you anymore. Remind yourself that you do not have to carry the burden of a memory of a person who hurt. Now, slowly drop it and feel yourself getting relaxed and lax. Slowly open your eyes when you are ready and smile.

You are free from the past.

New Moon and Love Relationships

It is not recommended to get into any kind of relationship during New Moons as in ancient times people talked about solitude and immersing themselves in it specifically on New Moons to harness the spiritual power that resides in each one of us. The New Moon in Taurus will impact people’s love relationships in that they will try to showcase one another their love through physical affection, being gentle, holding honest conversations, etc. So do not be surprised if your wife or your husband calls you out of the blue to hold a conversation over a cup of tea about something honest and simple like making a sweater!

The Universe works in a million different ways we are not aware of. Just like the Moon is part of this cosmos, we are a tiny part of this cosmos. Now, if all the tides rise in an ocean, who are we to resist the change that Moon brings about in our system? People may call Astrology is pseudoscience but we must remember that it is the knowledge that can be used to enhance one’s life, pseudoscience or not. Enjoy this New Moon and be conscious of what kind of change(s) it shall create.