Technology has been a boon and a curse no matter what the world perceives through it. It has a profound impact on the negativity that gets bestowed upon the health of the brain as well as the well-being that receives attention due to it. There has been a turmoil regarding how the youngsters are falling into the trap of online gaming disorder which has been diagnosed in ICD 11 as reported by the WHO on the 18th of June.

Technology is almost everywhere to be found in today’s world. It not only surpasses the professional paradigm but also holds a big threshold over the personal life as well. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are diving into the contribution of technical consumption through our own way of using the digital platform. And nobody but we, ourselves are responsible for this. We have forgotten the use of blackboards and chalks as they have been replaced with digital projectors for the marketing strategy of becoming the technology-modified and upgraded amongst all the other schools. We have made sure to make the technology advancements a new normal for our every day’s life from the past times. They enable us to connect with the people who are far away from us thus enabling us to get hold of the proper information that we desire.




There are people who would want to tell both of these connections are almost the same. But that is not exactly what the case is about. Human communication is a bond that gets developed by creating a social bond of interaction through the heart to heart connection with one another. This is nothing new because people have been a part of communication from the time of the evolution of the cave paintings to the connections that were to be formed in person. Just because we moved on from the paintings to express the thoughts that we had to present, we understood that connections and communications can actually be made clear, true and real.  Human connection holds the magic to recover the mental illness like depression as well which can never be treated following the digital platform even if it is for a video call. That feeling of communication and well-being is felt to the actual presence of the person for real. Rejection or loss is a pain that can cause the different wiring inside the thought process that the brain tends to develop. Both the real or virtual rejection leaves a huge impact on the life of an individual. There is a dependency that has been formed due to the technology that has been in our life since childhood. That is why, the darker sides of the virtual world, such as trolls, cybercrime, or bullying have also made its way into the society of technical advancements.



It is quite easy to understand the connection level between technology and what we actually do or present in our life. We all know the intensity that we have regarding the addiction, concerned with the digital platform. There are a few practices that we can maintain to evolve through: 

We need to come in contact with the sensitivity. People need to understand the control and where they need to hold on to their addictions. There are professional gamers who might not understand but with time, they fail to maintain the bond in other spheres of their life and gets bonded with the specific attachments in their life. There is nothing to overthink as it is what the reality is. We need to have control over our behaviour and relationship with others.


Being the elders, there are tendencies where we try to mould young people just like us or like the way we want them to be. Our relationship with advanced technology should not be depended on dependency. It should be based on promoting the positivity of the body language or the way we interact with others to understand what power the technology has over us. We are meant to control the technology. Technology is not made to control us. 

We need to take responsibility for the actions that we bestow. If we have someone present in the physical world, we must try to avoid the temptations of the pings, messages, tweets, posts of the technological world. If we pose more attention to technology, we tend to push the physical person away. We need to under the importance of both at its own specific times.