How you can make your life simpler, stress-free just by stepping into the world of Spirituality

How you can make your life simpler, stress-free just by stepping into the world of Spirituality

Spirituality is a very broad concept, the perception of which varies greatly from person to person.

Even if one is asked to define the term “Spirituality”, one would find it quite troublesome to even look for a specific definition on the internet. This is because spirituality either doesn’t have a specific definition, or that there are several definitions for it. In general, spirituality is a concept of a person’s belief in something beyond, greater than themselves. To explain it even further, someone in order to be involved with spirituality, has to have a belief in a higher power, one has to believe in the fact that there is more to life than what our eyes can see, ears can hear, and other senses could sense.

One has to have a belief that there are more important things going on in the world as compared to the things that are only happening in the said person’s life.

Not only this, a spiritual person is not someone who accepts all the facts and so called “truths” that are fed to him. Spiritual people do not simply accept the things for the way they are, they question the unquestioned. They question as to what is the reason for their existence. They often believe in a certain life after death. They are always looking for answers towards questions that don’t really have an answer. Doing this does not make them fools, but what it actually does to them is that it makes them wiser. They are often on the lookout for answers to questions like “Who am I”, “What is my purpose on this planet”, “What else is there beyond our planet, our universe?”.

As they say, questioning the unquestioned opens up another section of the brain which is wiser and calmer than the other sections.

People also take up spirituality as a part of their lives in order to overcome their anxiety, depression and improve their mental health. Since spirituality is all about looking for the reasons as to why we exist, finding a purpose and a path to follow in life. It teaches an individual that there are bigger issues in the world than one’s ego, depression or anxiety, and in the same fashion, some people find that it actually reduces anxiety and depression overtime.

Being spiritual also pushes an individual towards the direction of “Growth”. Questioning the unquestioned and looking for answers and feeling that you are part of the greater good makes you grow both as a human and a spiritual person.

Not only this, since being spiritual teaches you about the things that are way more important than that particular person’s ego, and wellbeing, this teaches a human to serve. By serve, we refer to serving the needy, helping people in their respective lives. Spirituality makes us feel that working for the greater good, solving problems that are bigger than your own does not only make you grow but also make you a serving person who cares and looks out for other people. This way a single individual, is impacting the whole society.

Spirituality does not only uplift humanity, it also improves a person who is practicing it both mentally and physically. There have been researches conducted that have shown as to how people practicing spirituality have shown better heath and greater mental well-being. Not only this, people have actually defeated chronic mental health issues that are very difficult to overcome, People feel less depressed, they have lesser hypertension, lesser amount of worries or stress or even anxiety. People feel more positive day by day, and have a feeling that their ability to battle stress out has become far batter and superior as compared to other people that live in the same society.

All in all, being spiritual makes a person not only healthy when it comes to mental health related issues, but turns them into an ideal citizen of a society. A person who helps other people, a person who thinks other’s well being is more important than his or hers. A person who believes in the greater good and is ready any day to make compromises to make things better for others.