How you can judge your partner’s loyalty character based on the- The Numerology of Odd & Even Numbers?

How you can judge your partner’s loyalty character based on the- The Numerology of Odd & Even Numbers?

Anthropology is divided into a spectrum with two ends, male and female. Numerology regards this highly. It’s fun to see that numbers follow the same pattern and are again divided into two, even and odd. So here 1,3,5,7,9 are odd numbers and 2,4,6,8,0 are even numbers. They divide each part into two. 

Loyalty is not only expected from your romantic partner, but you would also expect loyalty from your business partner if you have one. So keep one name in mind, for whom loyalty you are concerned. Numerology expects every question of yours to be clear, precise, and to the point. If you ask multiple questions at once think ambiguously, you won’t get the right answer. 

Find the even or odd numbers.

To know the even or odd numbers, you must know about their birthdate. 

If the birthdate is 1 10 19 28 the numerology number is 1. Similarly, if the birthdate is 2 11 20 29 the number is 2.If the birthdate is 3 12 21 30 your partner’s number is 3

If the birthdate is 4 13 22 31 the numerology number is 4. Similarly, if the birthdate is 5 14 23 the number is 5.If the birthdate is 6 15 24 your partner’s number is 6

Furthermore, If the birthdate is 7 16 25 the numerology number is 7. Similarly, if the birthdate is 8 17 26 the number is 8. If the birthdate is 9 18 27 your partner’s number is 9.

Now the final numbers you have according to their birthdates may be odd or even by the standard convention of maths. 

Loyalty report of Numerology number 1

They are like the number they belong to. Odd and leader of the pack. They like to dominate everyone. They are creative and have fun experimenting with new things. They get jealous very easily. They may be all right with an open marriage, so if you are not, check their thoughts on this subject.

Loyalty report of Numerology number 2

People who have their birth number as 2 have high imaginative powers and can get mood swings. They value emotional connection more than physical relationships. They find it easy to be romantic with people and rarely have problems with public display of affection. Rather they encourage it.  

Loyalty report of Numerology number 3

These people are ambitious to the core, but with principles. They do not believe that spending time with their partners can bring anything new to the relationship. They seem to be emotionally distant, but it's only because their mind is busy somewhere mundane. Try talking to them and they will clear all your doubts if they can. 

Loyalty report of Numerology number 4

The people who have their birth numbers as 4 always have some peculiar traits about them. They are very uncommon from the masses, the center of the stage, and the main character of a play. The only problem is they don’t seem to notice this fact. This is the most loyal number out of all numbers. People born on the 22nd are more loyal to the ones born on the 4th 13th and 31st. 

Loyalty report of Numerology number 5

Individuals with numerology numbers as 5 are people with their hearts on the sleeve. They tend to have many partners before they marry. They are very impulsive and find it hard to settle with one partner. When it comes to a relationship they are in, they tend to take more practical decisions.

Loyalty report of Numerology number 6

This number is most charming when it comes to new people. They are easy to get attracted to but for them, the physical features of their partners are not as important as their soul. They often make wrong choices in their romantic life. They are loyal, but only to those whom they value most.

Loyalty report of Numerology number 7

They expect a lot from the relationship they are in but that doesn’t mean they go seeking new sources of love. They are very romantic in every sense of the word. They find an emotional connection to be important but do not ignore physical beauty too. They tend to be very loyal but can act like a rebel if they are jealous or betrayed by their partners.

Loyalty report of Numerology number 8

It is very common for the women of this number to suffer in their love life. People of this number are emotional but make rational decisions. This number is very loyal to the partners but can come out as a flirt to others as they have the habit of complementing easily. 

Loyalty report of Numerology number 9

This number is associated with the destruction of Mars. It is common for the males of this number to have a physical relationship outside marriage. They value their kids more than their wives. They are the least loyal out of all numbers and tend to hurt others.


While reading this report, you need to also consider that talking to your partner will clear most of your doubts, so make sure that you have a good conversation with them before concluding your thoughts.