How you can increase your attention?

As the world is becoming more competitive, there are a lot of distractions as well. It has become so difficult to concentrate on things when there are so many things that can distract you. With increasing competition, the work pressure is increasing for every individual and it has become a necessity to be attentive. It is difficult to do quality work when you are constantly getting distracted by so many things around you. But if you want to be successful then it is necessary to improve our attention. When work is done with full attention, it gets completed fast and the quality of the work is also very high. But the question is how you can increase your attention? No one is born with the trait of being attentive. They develop this trait over time and you can do that as well. You just need to follow some easy tips and tricks which can help you to increase your attention.


5 Quick tips to increase your attention


1. Do not panic and stress


There are times when excess work starts to give us stress and we starts panicking. It is necessary to understand that with calmness every work can be done. The stress and panic created in our mind can distract us and don’t let us do the task productively. Our mind keeps overthinking and the stress makes the quality of the work go down. Hence, whenever you feel stress, take a small break, drink some water, take deep breathes and after a few minutes get back to work. Your mind will be able to concentrate more.


2. Meditate


Meditation is one exercise that is proved to be the most powerful and useful technique in increasing concentration and attention span. Regular practice of Meditation can help you remove the distractions from your mind and will help you to focus more on your work. With Meditation, your mind will learn to focus on one particular thing at a time and thus will help you to be attentive in your work. It has proved to be the best way by which one can increase their attention span.


3. Work when you feel productive


Every person has certain hours when they feel the most productive. There are certain hours when the mind feels sleepy and then there are some hours when it is the most productive. So, try to find those hours when you feel you can work the best. It can be in the morning or night, as well as in the afternoon. Your mind can never stay productive all day long. It works best during some part of the day. So, analyse and find out those hours. You will be able to do some amazing amount of work during those hours.


4. Complete one thing at a time


Many people have this habit of doing many things at a time. It is not the best way to be productive. Always do one task at a time and after completion dive into some other task. But don’t include lots of tasks and try to complete in one go. You won’t be able to complete one task with quality work. Every task will have errors in it. So, if you want to be productive make sure you are dividing your time for certain tasks. If you will try to do everything together then most probably you will take longer time to complete and quality will also be not that great. The attention power of the mind will get hugely decreased.


5. Remove distractions around you


Look around yourself, you will find lots of things that are distracting you such as mobile phones, social media, messages, television etc. So, whenever you are trying to do any task, turn off the notifications. Don’t check your social media frequently, sit in a room with no television. These little things will bring a lot of change in your attention span.