The phase for tough love has started with Saturn Retrograde which started on May 10 and will continue till September 29. This gives us a lot of time to analyze our duties, relationships, and the way we function at work. When we talk about the role of planets, Saturn is associated with responsibility, working within rules, and learning the lessons of life. Astrologers say that Saturn is the ruler of time and karma so when it enters retrograde, a person’s karmic debt is sorted out by combining the past, present, and future.

The periods when Saturn enters retrograde are a great time to analyze and review whatever we have learned and practiced in the Saturn ruled themes like discipline, responsibilities, authority, and respecting boundaries. In the year 2020, Saturn retrograde will be lasting for a longer time giving us a lot of time to review our issues; however, this does not mean that it is going to be a smooth ride.

There is a chance that the retrograde Saturn will intensify the position of Mars which might lead to a rough phase. You might feel the intense pressure of responsibility on your shoulders, but you shouldn’t give up. You should stay patient and remember one thing that the Saturn Retrograde will give you rewards for all the hardships that you have to go through.

Let’s see how the Saturn Retrograde of 2020 is going to affect the different Zodiac signs:


The beginning of the Saturn Retrograde means that it is time for Aries to start thinking when the presence and how should they say no at work. The presence of Saturn Retrograde in Aries will be a learning experience in creating boundaries. Its time you started adjusting yourself to the boundaries at work and learn to say no to people who don’t appreciate you for your hard work. You don’t have to accept every career opportunity that comes your way, just make wise choices.


The start of Saturn Retrograde will bring a change in your outlook on the world. As per astrologers, you have been trying to find a pattern in your life to help you understand what works best for you; this period will help you finalize things. You need to follow a simple mantra, continue to do things that help you improve and cut off ties with people or things that bring you down. Don’t cry old baggage with you; get rid of it as soon as possible.


Saturn has been working to teach you all about rebirth and transformation, so during the Saturn Retrograde, you will be compelled to focus more on your personal boundaries and make them clearer. There is an introspective vibe about this year for Gemini, giving them an amazing chance to find a deeper meaning to their life. This is the time to take risks and explore the true meaning of life.


Saturn Retrograde doesn’t bring a lot of good news for Cancers, so if you have been feeling that the relationship drama has increased; it is probably because of the Saturn Retrograde. The past year must have felt like a struggle, but has taught you some priceless lessons; this journey is now coming to an end so you should make the most of it. It’s time to apply the lessons that you have learned in your love life.


You might have started to notice a change in your day to day habits; this is because Saturn has been compelling you to do so. Now, these changes might have been difficult for you, but they are great for your personal growth. So this Saturn Retrograde is all about implementing all the changes and creating a better lifestyle.


If you have been missing that fun vibe, then this Saturn Retrograde is the perfect time to gain it back. This is the time to make the most of every experience and learn to find happiness in even the smallest things. It is also a chance to slow down and enjoy the little pleasures of life.


The Saturn Retrograde of 2020 marks the start of a new phase of relationships in your home life. Saturn will help you create a safe and secure environment for your family members; this is a great time to ponder on how you can support your close ones. The Saturn Retrograde teaches you to create your own boundaries and respect them.


You have been working on how to express yourself better so this Saturn Retrograde period is the perfect time to test your skills and improve on them. Don’t get too hard on yourself and appreciate yourself for all the progress that you have made. There is a lot to learn but some little rewards on the way will make the journey easier.


You have put in a lot of effort in all your relationships, in all aspects from love to career to finances. The Saturn Retrograde of 2020 is the time to put all that information in real life. You have undergone some drastic changes in the past couple of years so don’t lose your focus just yet and keep grinding.


You are entering the Saturn Retrograde 2020 as a completely new person, you have been facing a lot of struggles and Saturn is returning once again to give you some hardship for the last time before rewarding you for all the struggles that you had to go through.


You might have doubts on your spiritual belief, a recent turn of events may have you left questioning the very base of your beliefs, but as Saturn Retrograde 2020 starts, you should start depending on your gut and intuition more.


You have had many realizations related to your friendships, now is the time you will feel confident enough to stand up for yourself. You should learn new skills related to communicating which will help you revive some old personal relations. There is no harm in cutting off negative energy and people from your life.