How Upcoming "Eta Aquariids Meteor Shower" Affects All Zodiacs Signs in Love?

How Upcoming

In this Taurus season in May, there will be one of the most amazing meteor shows of this year. On May 5th and 6th you can get a chance to witness the Eta Aquariids Meteor shower.

If you are confused about the person that you wish to be with or have no idea whether to take the relationship to the next level, the Eta Aquariids Meteor shower will guide you to the right path. Your romantic life will now be sailing through the stars.  

Take your seats in this ride and check out how the Eta Aquariids Meteor shower which is going to peak on May 6 will affect your romantic life.


If you are single, a meet-cute seems to be on the charts. Maybe the next time to go to your corner grocery store, you might meet the love of your life. Maybe you will find your love on the train ride. The possibilities for meet-cutes are endless so keep your eyes and heart open.


Ah! The Eta aquariiads meteor showers in the time of Taurus will help a lot to the bearers of this zodiac. You also have the Goddess of love- Venus by your side, so consider your life to be a cheesy rom-com for some time. You will be living as the main character of the story in few weeks.


You will find a hard time finding a partner and if you are in a relationship it will go to the rocky path. You need to take care of your tone and diction. Communicate with your partner so that it does not turn into petty fights and do not hold grudges.


You need to understand that love is not something that you find, but it is the power that finds you. If you have been single for a long time, all you need in your life is a bit of patience to find the solution to the puzzle. Let the world take its course and in the meanwhile, use this time to work on yourself.


You are stuck in the past that seems to be a dead-end with nowhere to go. In such times it is better to find the things that you enjoy with all your heart. You may feel like the Eta Aquariids meteor shower has not been kind to you, but give life some time and everything will sort itself out.


You are often slow to fall in love and other times are very oblivious. These Eta aquariiads meteor showers will show you that to fall in love, you need to take a step first. If you like someone to tell them, there are good chances that they like you back too.


It is said that a Libra is always very quick to fall in love. If you feel this is true with you, it comes with a downside. This can make you indecisive at times about your love life, which in turn can frustrate your partner. You tend to stay loyal to one partner. This Eta Aquariids meteor shower can be the time that you show your affection.


You have a certain aura of mystery and enigma around you which does not let the cupids find you, let alone pierce you with the arrow of love. Use this meteor time to talk about yourself and open up to people, it might help you.


The Sagittarius tend to not be serious…ever! Sometimes it makes an environment for cool and spontaneous activities and other times it may irritate people. Consider the times when you need to be mature and when you can be fun-loving. These Eta aquariiads meteor showers will need you to show both sides of your personality for a robust live life.   


The relationships and the love life at times lose their shine and charm. In times like these, you need to work on it. This Eta aquariiads meteor showers will be a great time when you see the pros and cons of your relationship.


You rarely talk about yourself and though are kind-hearted, this side of your personality does not come in front of people. This Eta aquariiads meteor shower seems to be a good time for you to participate in activities and find your love there. 


Use this time as a “me time” to practice self-love. While talking about love, people often tend to forget the love you can have for yourself. Use this period of transition provided by Eta Aquariiads meteor showers to dedicate some fun time to yourself.

These showers can be seen because of Haley’s comet that comes into the picture every eight years. So each decade we get the time to witness these starry golden showers and for us, the time is now. These Eta Aquariids Meteor showers bring change in the romantic lives of all zodiac sign.