How to use Solar Eclipse, New Moons, and Full Moons in favor of growing awareness of your connection to the cosmos?

Astrology is a very vast divinatory art that interprets the positions and alignments of the moon, sun, and all the different planets out there in our solar system. The insights that astrological practices provide can sometimes even be life-changing for people.

There are some aspects or rather events that have a huge impact on one’s astrological well-being. These events include but in no way are limited to different moon phases like New moon, the full moon, and eclipses like solar and lunar eclipses.

We will be discussing how these astronomical phases or changes affect us when it comes to our astrological life. We will begin by discussing the different moon phases and what effects they have on us as well as the changes they signify, then we will push forward to what all changes solar and lunar eclipses bringinto our respective lives.

New Moon.

The new moon is a lunar phase that happens when once during a period of 29 days and 12 hours. This period is also known as the lunation period. This lunar phase basically happens when the moon comes in between the earth and the sun. When the moon is between our planet and the sun, the sun’s light that is incident on the moon is on the other side of the moon that we as inhabitants of planet earth cannot see. This makes the moon appear to be black or invisible. The new moon phase actually refers to the crescent that is first visible after the moon moves a bit further from the direct path line between the sun and the earth.

The new moon represents the arrival of new changes and opportunities in one’s life. The new moon phase represents a period wherein new beginnings are encouraged. It is said that if someone has been planning to get on to something or start something new, be it working on a new set of hobbies or launching one’s own, new business, the new moon period might be the perfect time to do it.

Full Moon.

The full moon phase is a lunar phenomenon that occurs every 29 days and 12 hours as well. This event occurs when the earth falls between the sun and the moon. Mind you, during new moon and full moon cycles, all the three astronomical entities do not fall in a straight line, they just appear to be in each other’s path.  When our planet earth gets in between the moon and the sun in their general elliptical path, we are able to see the side of the moon which is completely incident with the sunlight coming from the other side of our planet. The sun in this phase appears perfectly circular or spherical for that matter as the sunlight incident on it makes it completely visible.

The full moon remarks culmination of events of a person’s monthly life cycle. That is aspects that have been going on for a while in someone’s life sometimes do come to an abrupt end during a full moon phase. The full moon phase also brings in the positive energy as this is the time the moon shines the most. They act as sources of energy for some as well during this cycle.

Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipses are events that occur a bit rarer as compared to the new moon or full moon events. These events occur when the moon comes directly in the path of the sun, that is it comes between the earth and the sun exactly in the center of the imaginary line that exists between the two astronomical entities. During this time, the moon cuts out all the light that is usually incident on our planet from the sun. This happens only when the sun, the moon, and the earth are perfectly aligned with each other during a new moon phase.

The solar eclipse remarks a big change in our lives. It is said that a solar system breaks the cycle that we humans get used to being a part of. This most of the time puts us in discomfort but in the long run, it makes us adapt to changes and also pushes us to explore the unexplored, therefore giving us the exposure that we need in our lives.

All these planetary movement phases have a considerable impact on our lives, though these changes may initially be sources of discomfort to us, in the long run, all of them do benefit us to a great extent. 

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