How to trust your future self?

How to trust your future self?

“What advice would you give your younger self?”

Sounds familiar? Yes, we have heard this and even asked our ideals that what is that one thing they would like to teach their younger self.

It is not a bad question but it has limited utility. After all, we, by no means, can go back and change our decisions that we have already made, or make those decisions that we’ve failed to take and probably this is why I find, What advice we would like to give to our future self a more useful question. For the further chapters in life, I would like to whisper all the wisdom that I have gained and accumulated so far in-ear of my future self rather than going back to things.

As human beings, we have a tendency to stick to our past and always look for ways to avoid criticism, rejections, and most importantly failures. We become twice as sensitive while thinking about what all could go wrong as we are towards what might go right and it is why we end up focusing more on regrets for not taking certain decisions. We all know, “Potential losses loom larger than potential gains.”

With time we have learned how brave we can be and that is why our advice for younger selves always revolves around being daring and taking a leap.

We can neither go to our past nor teleport ourselves to the future, all we have is now. We have all the time now to become and consider the wiser version of ourselves that we wanted to become in the past or want to become in the future.

Whatever we do to make our current self stronger tremendously impacts our future self as they both are interrelated and interconnected. We become who we decide and nothing else.  The more we invest in future plans, the more we can make out of them. Plan out things for your future and keep this in mind every time you make a decision

Start trusting your future self to make your current self even stronger and confident. When you start believing in the future version of yourself, you will do everything to make it possible and take actions that support your progress and growth.

 The simple key behind getting success is we are rewarded for what we know for what we have, not for what we do or want to do. Goals will never produce output if we don't take action for that. this is the time we have, It’s never too late to start and when you start you will realize things were never too far.

Research in Social Psychological and Personality Science was published which stated that people are more focused and connected with their future selves, tend to do better, and make more rational decisions that help them to live a better and happier life than those who are lost with their past personality and trying to change that.

For once, if you try to put yourself in shoes of your distant self, you’ll get to the larger scope of change and then ask yourself if this is what you have always dreamt of, if the answer is yes, then you are doing right things but if your answer is no then you know what things you require to do to steer your life into the perfect direction.

“Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love.”- Bradley Whitford

The first step towards your successful future self is to learn how to handle a negative situation. If your present is filled with negativity, you will not be able to see your future self.  You cannot think about the future while sacrificing your moments of happiness from the present. Life is now. When you are happy today, you make your future self wiser. 

While only thinking about your future self is not going to change anything, you are required to take even a small step every day to move forward. When you commit something for your future self, you will do the necessary preparation. get out of your comfort zone and take /charge of your destiny.

Picture the best possible self of yourself. How you think about your future self holds extreme significance and if it does not have vibrancy and vividness, then it is the time when you can change. When you think about your future, you enrich yourself about what your present needs from you. It can help you in redefining your goals and priorities of life to reach towards the final destination. True change begins when you devote yourself and commit to doing everything possible required to become the best version of yourself.

You have a past and so does everyone else but what you have in your personality, the present self. Your past will not be the same as your future. You cannot go to either place but you can bring changes in your current self which can shape the foundation of your future self. Always remember these things

You can learn anything

You can learn anytime, and

You are strong.

Trust your own journey to avoid losing control. You don’t have to love where you are, You just have to become okay with it as a starting point.  Always remember your future depends on your present and whatever you do, you create a new space for your future. The fear of uncertainty will get a hold on you but never allow it to question your own ability to do things. You are capable of doing everything, even impossible has the possibility