How To Travel Dimensions Through Lucid Dreaming

How To Travel Dimensions Through Lucid Dreaming

Do you aware of the dreams that you dream at night? Mostly many people feel as if they are walking underwater, or flying in the air in their dreams. All such dreams which include the wildest inclinations are of course sometimes very fierce. Sometimes people tend to get affected because of it to a maximum extent. 


The dreams that include supernatural incidents are often termed as lucid dreams. The lucid dreams are of course very interesting often but the effect of them varies accordingly with person to person in the society.


What are lucid dreams?

A lucid dream is a term that is extensively used or heard in the psychology field. Even modern psychology states various stunning facts about lucid dreams and their effects on the people. However, the above statements are confusing right. Let me make it clear for you.


A lucid dream is something that is an abstract state of a person. Usually, the people in their dreams witness several incidents that are mostly impossible in real times. Such a state of mind is achieved when the individual is sleeping and witnessing the lucid dream.


The above text may be developing a terrific feeling in you. But do not worry about it. The lucid dream in individuals usually leaves scars on the individual's mind and attitude. It makes people weak by heart and mind.


But there are various studies that proved that even these lucid dreams can be turned into a better one. The scholars of psychology and astrology offered various tips and tricks to overcome the scary feeling caused by these lucid dreams.


Sometimes people really enjoy recalling their dreams. Whatever they may be, how scary they may be, the people really appreciate their thoughts of recalling it again and again.


In general terms, the individuals who follow a proper diet can ensure a happy sleep. In case, if such people witness the scary dreams they can try to recall them soon. Avoiding drugs will ensure proper health. The doctors mostly advise boosting your immunity to avoid all such fierce dreams.


Tips to avoid or make the lucid dreams simple:

The best ways or tips and tricks to follow to make a lucid dream more comfortable are as follows:

Recall past dreams:

Once you try to remember the past dreams that will help you build confidence in yourself. When you get acquainted with the dreams that happened in the last night that will pull you towards the edge of the light. Always give a deep try to fight against the illusions in your dreams.


When you witness a lucid dream comfort yourself saying that it's just an illusion and you are just merely flying in the fantasy world. Compare your dreams with the cartoon world and the characters in it. Assume yourself as the main character in the dramatic world. That will bring a better result in a short span of time.


Suggesting yourself and finding a way to make your dreams more comfortable is the best way to sort out all the issues.


Keep a journal for yourself:

One of the simplest ways to make an odd easier is to make fun of it. When you are fighting against lucid dreams just make it simple for yourself by following a journal. Always write what you observed in your last dream.


Also, try to make the dream in a funny way.  The meaning of the above statement is that add some external dramatic dialogues or adventures to your lucid dream. That will comfort your mind.


And the most important thing is always read the journal before going to bed.


Reading the past dreams and assuming them happen in a funny way will solace you and prepare you for the next battle.


When you are comfortable with the above methods than try to obtain the lucidity. One should have a clear expression of everything. Even that happens the same with the lucid dreams too.


Try to obtain the Lucidity about the lucid dreams :

Lucidity is something which is defined as having clarity on something.


So witnessing the lucid dreams may be advantageous and sometimes scary too. Therefore try to avoid all sorts of phobias when you are undergoing any types of lucid dreams. A popular method or treatment which is available in Buddhism to help the patients or victims of the lucid dreams.


However, they do suggest the method of self-suggestion. That means the victims or the individuals are advised to recite repeatedly that they are going to have a lucid dream before going to bed. In case if they already felt in the last night then after getting up try to narrate continuously that you had a lucid dream. By doing this, you are just helping yourself to adjust the situations that happened already or going to happen soon.


Dream Triggers:

The major problem with the victims is that they do not know that they are dreaming. Because of this, they will take that the lucid dream is happening true and something wrong is going to happen to them. That will leave a phobia in the individual to dreams.


Therefore try to observe the clocks that hang on your wall while you are awake. The letters and alphabet cannot be perfectly read when you are sleeping or dreaming.


Always take advantage of the events happening around you in your dreams. Assume yourself that you have seen the clock already or try to think about the book, alphabet or the letter, and numbers in your dream. This particular method or technique is found to be more effective in healing the psi of victims.


Supplements and regular workouts :

And the last way is to intake the herbs, supplements along with regular exercise workout.


Vitamins like B5, B6 are seen as the most effective supplements in rehabilitating the pain caused due to phobia of the Lucid Dreams. Melatonin is another supplement that falls under the above category.


A good sleep cycle will ensure an individual's positive attitude. This will eventually hell the individual in fighting against the lucid dreams.

To be more exact, a balanced diet and exercise will avoid the lucid dreams in an individual.


Therefore following the above tips will ensure a happy life.