How to take control of your romantic life ahead with Love Manifestation Tarot Reading? – A Step by Step Guide.

How to take control of your romantic life ahead with Love Manifestation Tarot Reading? – A Step by Step Guide.

Tarot Reading is an incredible tool with which we can foresee the possibilities of our present situation manifesting themselves in the future. A traditional Tarot deck consists of 78 cards in total. There are two types of Tarot Cards in a deck— Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

Do you know that Tarot Reading can also be used to manifest love and enrich one’s romantic life?

Manifestation is a process of living a reality by imagining it over and over again. Youtube is flooded with lots of videos that discuss manifestation and how to do it. For example, if I desire to buy a car, I can look at the desired model of a car online. I’ll carefully look at the color, the design, etc. I can even take a printout of the car and paste it in my room somewhere so I’m reminded of it quite often. Manifestation will happen when I imagine the same car inside my mind time to time again. Once I’m staunch in my belief that I’ll get and buy this car, I’ll let go of the desire and forget about it. After this, the desire has to be let go. This is how Manifestation works. 

Build the right kind of atmosphere for Manifestation

Manifestation works in a lot of different ways that can escape our notice. People throughout the world use crystals and Tarot Cards to take control of their romantic life with a Love Manifestation of Tarot Reading. Any Tarot Spread can be used to do it. The focus is not so much on the cards than it is on the atmosphere that has to be created.

How can I do a Love Manifestation Tarot Reading?

Following are the steps which throw light on how to do a Love Manifestation Tarot Reading – A Step by Step Guide. 

 Choose an uncluttered space inside your house. It can be your balcony or a small area in your room, etc. Once the place has been chosen, make an altar on that place. An altar refers to a sacred space for ceremonies and rituals. 

 To make an altar sit down on the floor, circle the space where you’re going to do your Tarot Reading, and pray with your eyes closed. Now, what to pray? Close your eyes and pray that you do not be disturbed while doing your Love Manifestation ritual and are successful in it.  

Once, the prayer is done light candles inside the altar and place the Tarot Deck of your choice. Candles are lit for a brightly lit atmosphere and also as a symbol to dispel the darkness. Take a piece of paper and a pen at the same time and keep it with you. 

Keep your eyes closed and imagine what do you wish through this Love Manifestation Tarot Reading. Is that you want to manifest a partner because you’re single? Do you wish to chart out as many details as possible to attract your future spouse? It could be anything. You have to imagine everything you desire to happen in your Romantic life with as much detail as possible.  

Imagine only the things and qualities you want. Do not concentrate on what you do not want because like attracts like according to the Law of Attraction. Once you’ve imagined everything you’ve wanted, you can open your eyes. 

Now, shuffle the Tarot Cards and see what comes out. You can have three, five, or six cards. Do not collect over 7. Once the cards have popped out, line them properly and interpret what they’re saying. If you’re an experienced Tarot Reading, you’d know. If you’re a newbie, rely on the handbook full of meanings that comes with the Tarot Deck. 

Do not worry if the cards do not showcase a good meaning. Now, take the piece of paper and mention the names of the cards you got along with meanings. Once that is done, tear the same portion of the page containing these details and burn it over the candle. Feel that you’re burning all the preconceived notions you had about your love life or your partner and let it burn. You’re not worried. You’re just calm.

Once that is done, keep your eyes closed and pray again. This time your prayer would be: I believe in the Universe. The Universe will guide me to my destiny. 

Stand up, blow off the flame, bow your head inside the circle you’re sitting at, and voila, your Love Manifestation using Tarot Cards is done! 

Tarot Cards do not work on belief. Love Manifestation only works on the power of mind and imagination. Combining the power of these two, anybody can manifest anything in their lives. Including Tarot Readings in Love Manifestation or any kind of Manifestation process would help shed light on the preconceived notions we harbor.

Destroying them is the first and the last step before one receives the magic of the universe through the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.