Numerology is the study of numbers and how numbers form the basic units of the universe, as well as how numbers play a role in the individual’s life. It analyzes people and how numbers may help give more information and tell us more about the events that may occur in the life of the individual.

The people who study and are qualified, and not to forget know and experienced enough to read the numerology readings of a person is called a numerologist and they know that the world is entirely dependent on the properties of numbers and each and specific number have their very own vibration.

Each and every number is different and that is why every number has its own vibrations and properties that give us the valuable and accurate information about the individual’s personality and can even provide insight on the relationships in the individual’s life. It helps you understand yourself better and also prepares you for your future. Numerology is extremely comprehensive and predicts in order for you to understand yourself and the situation you are in better.  

How does numerology help in finding the purpose of your life and discovering your path in life 

Numerology is often used as a guide for the individual to lead his/her life in a simpler and much efficient manner. Throughout all the stages of the individual’s life, numerology will guide you and help you understand the purpose you have in life. It varies from individual to individual and numerology guides you in reaching and understanding your purpose as well as tapping into your inner, untouched potential.

Numbers form the basic unit of the universe and they also have the power to affect our daily routine as well as our experiences, influence our relationships, and even influence our actions without us even realizing that. Numbers provide communication from the universe to the individual, and like I said before, every number has its own specific kind of vibration that emits out a specific kind of energy that pushes us forward in life. Understanding numbers and knowing the power they hold is not only fascinating but also entrancing.

They help you navigate through your life and why you do something much easily, and you will start understanding why you react that way or why you want to do something. Numerology helps you understand your worth as well as the potential inside you and makes you understand the importance and power of numbers.  

Going more in detail, numerology has four important numbers that help you understand yourself and the life you live better. These numbers help you understand the difficulties you face much easier, and also guide you to understand the opportunities that will come in your way. These four important numbers tell you all about the experiences that will teach you the lessons you will remember throughout your life, why the heartbreak was caused to you and what exactly does your soul desire.  

The expression number- 

this number in numerology tells and predicts all about the individual from the individual's strengths to his/her weaknesses and also helps you to come in terms with the experiences that cause you hurt, pain and sorrow. Pain is one of the best teachers in life because you never forget the lesson you learnt from it, be it whatever. 

The Birthday number- 

this number in numerology tells and predicts the talents of the individual and how this individual can utilize his/her talents to his/her maximum potential in order to improve the life of the individual. 

The life path number - 

this number in numerology tells and predicts the whole blueprint of the life of the individual. This number is one of the most important numbers in numerology that tells us about the challenges and difficulties the individual will face and the potential the individual possesses.  

The soul urge number - 

this number in numerology tells and predicts the true desires and wishes of the individual’s heart and not only that it also helps the individual realize and understand what they actually and really want from life. This helps them understand why they want it and finally know what their heart truly desires.