How to Read ‘Bad’ Tarot Cards Positively: The Devil, The Tower, and Death

How to Read ‘Bad’ Tarot Cards Positively: The Devil, The Tower, and  Death

Tarot card reading seems fun if you hear those words but little do you know how challenging it is. And seeing positivity in bad makes you want to work harder for procuring greater outcomes. There are 3 types of the card; The Devil, The Tower, and The Death. These 3 cards indicate the big meaning of life’s events. Albeit, good or bad, every event comes with a conclusion. How we perceive those matters in the end. If you have never heard before "How to Read ‘Bad’ Tarot Cards Positively: The Devil, The Tower, and Death", then you have come to the right place!


Usual meaning

Heart of materialism, all kind of addictions, deceit, unexpected and unneeded slavery


The positive meaning of The Devil

It is said that The Devil’s appearance is an indication of not having ingrained self-purity. Mind you, you have turned addictive of a bizarre habit which you don’t do. Your relation with yourself has become too toxic to go back to who you are and these bottles are ruining you for a temporary sense of feeling. The Devil now indicates that this is the perfect time for you to quit your habits unlikely of others. If you learn to accept the conflict, there will be a surge in positivity. But, do it in the right frame of mind.



Usual meaning

My life is all gone for a toss, the impending downfall of self, change, total destruction, major conflicts


Positive meaning:

You are bound to lose things in a dime, with a blink of an eye, everything will be gone. You will experience the dark pits of abyss hitting your despair like a bad storm. But remember, darling your life is not over yet. The real meaning of The Tower is that your downfall always had an end. Though, your fate is meant to twist all things, by fair means. These downhills always remain stern for better outcomes. Without the ashes burning, you cannot see very clearly. The Tower was the reason behind your bitter breakup or your business loss, but always remember The Tower is known for its kind acts of endeavours. It only helps you bind the good and fall the bad. Whatever went downhill was never meant to be in your life. You have something bigger, better waiting in line for you.



Usual meaning:

 “My cat gonna flush away in the tunnel”, loss, sickness, revolution, transformation


Positive meaning

 Whenever this card is handed over to someone, their immediate reaction indicates to them that the ending of something will strike the surface. They would have thoughts like someone would die or something will end unexpectedly. That seems to be half true. Albeit, a Death Card is just like leafing the pages of a book. It indicates that you are slowly paving your way from one chapter of the book towards the next. But, there is a catch, it doesn’t mean that you have set foot at the end of the book. Death indicates that when one thing ends in life, it is just a part and parcel of life, you will experience a fresh beginning. Life is neverending. You might never know what God is preparing for you. Miracle is a gift, friend. Open to all, unknown to none. The Death card is only a path of transition. Just consider this card of leaving behind the old tales in order to welcome new and better ones. You deserve better things and The Death card knows it all.



The thing about these cards is outcomes. The Death card might have a significant impact on you and how you perceive them. Remember, there is nothing such as "bad". You create the image of certain things in your head while those last a very long impression on you. The fact these 3 cards work together might want you to improve yourself more in a positive way. Everything has its own space and time. You need to be patient after all. Focus on your mind and true self, everything else will come in the picture by itself. Nothing in life is permanent, see the bad as temporary because it is that what is. Life is a ballad of various tunes, you must know how to dance on it.