How to Make Him Miss you- Taurus Edition

We all have gone through that phase. Wishing he would think about you, wanting the power to make him miss you. Whether it be because of a break-up or an uneventful relationship does not matter, as long as he misses you. Worry not, for we are here to help you get through this period, with advice on how to make him miss you – Taurus edition. Read on to discover the kind of personality your Taurus man has, and what all actions of sinful love will truly get to him.

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Personality Traits of a Taurus Man:

A Taurus is determined, strong-willed, and steadfast. They love being fashion-forward but unfortunately are the laziest sign. They are smart-workers, and very generous. But it is hard for a Taurus man to make new friends as they are shy among strangers. This man is faithful and reliable, in spite of his relaxed approach to life. They know how to get the job done. They also have a tendency to deliberate and discuss all matters seeking their attention. This, however, does not mean that they are philosophical or can’t have fun. It is quite the opposite. Due to their easy-going nature, Taurus knows how to throw a good party, and they are always the center of attraction! They can be quite stubborn, and even though they rarely get angry, this temper can get the best of them. This man is the definition of sexy, charming and gorgeousness, and is quite popular among the ladies. He adores the idea of a family and is very grounded.

How to Make Him Miss You?

Dealing with a Taurus man can be extremely tricky. They are good at pretense, and it is quite possible that if you two are dating, he might not understand what the problem is. Better yet, he might think that everything is going just fine between the two of you!  This man is too consumed with his work to actually send texts, so your actions need to be out of routine for him to notice that something is wrong. Here is a list of 5 things that you can do to make your problems go away:

Don’t Text Him First

This trick is as old as time. Or as old as the development of the first phone. But it does work wonders, especially with your Taurus man. He loves the chase and will do anything to be with you. After that, he settles into your comfortable life, and won’t necessarily say that he misses you unless you make him feel that way. Not hearing from you will make him anxious, and he will come to you bearing gifts.

Restrain Your Social Media Use

A Taurus is extremely lazy or buried under work. So if they see you doing well on social media, and having a good time while you put stories and posts, he will assume that everything is going great, not registering his need to talk to you or miss you. Therefore, you have to stop your social media activities, or at least restraint them. This will mark an absence in his life, urging him to initiate conversation.

Give Him Space

When couples live together, it is imperative that they give each other space. Let him go out on an all-boys night, or have a social life that does not consist of you. This will make him happy, and put you in a good light, leading to him missing you.

Mark Your Scent

If you think that things have been a little slow between you and your partner, it is best to leave a little something behind, like a sexy undergarment or a handkerchief. This will remind him of you, and chances are that he will carry your ‘scent’ around for days! A constant reminder of you and your sex-appeal, your Taurus man is sure to miss you with this trick.

Send him Seductive Texts

Exactly like the previous tip, you are required to send the double meaning and seductive texts to him on the rare occasions that you talk to him. This will leave him wanting more, and missing you a lot! You must not text him after this trick for better results.

Whatever you do, try not to play mind games with your Taurus man. This sign loves honesty and will value you more for it. So tell the truth every time he asks you a question, and follow these tips wisely. Nothing can stop him from missing you!

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