How to Make a Taurus Man Fall in Love with You

Ranking the second in the realm of zodiacs, Taurus are individuals who embody determination and beauty within themselves. Born between the 19th of April and the 20th of May, Taurus are people who are very driven towards their goals and aim high. Taurus is represented by the symbol of the bull which depicts their fierce and strong personalities. The bull more than anything else signifies their dark sides- which is their stubbornness. However, ruled by the planet of Venus, Taurus in general is very artistry and charming and looks for luxury and comfort. Do you too find yourself falling for a Taurus man? Do you want to grab his attention and make him feel the same for you? Then this post is for you! Keep reading to find out how you can attract a Taurus Man and make him fall in love with you!


Tips and Tricks to Attract a Taurus Man:

Taming a Taurus man may seem difficult at first but in reality, it’s not a big challenge. The best matches against a Taurus man are generally those zodiacs that belong to the water signs, aka, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. However, this does not mean other signs don’t farewell. Below mentioned are some effective tips to woo a Taurus man!


Display Your Femininity:

Taurus men have always preferred a feminine girl in general so go all out on him with your attractive feminine traits! Feel free to bathe in pink and adorn yourself with the most elegant jewelry. If you are not particularly a feminine girl, don’t worry! Bring out those sexy curves and everything feminine about your body in a subtle style. However, remember to go low on revealing skin. Taurus men love a bit of mystery and it only drives them further to explore you in private!

Do not Twist and Turn your words:

Taurus men hate when people keep changing their words. They love a direct, straightforward sign who can effectively express their feelings. Taurus men repel from the hard to get personality types so be careful about that. Any kind of artificiality should be kept at bay or is best avoided. The Taurus bull hates to steer around bullshit! If you fall for him, tell him! If you don’t like something he does, be clear! Just don’t beat around the bush and you’re good to go.

Balance out your life:

Taurus men always admire women who have their lives in control and well put together. They are heavily attracted by individuals who seem to have a grip on their lives without an excess or loss in any sector. They crave well-balanced personalities as they strive to be so too. Being an earth element, Taurus’ is rooted in the physical and material world. So, if you’re deciding what to wear for a dress, let it be a mix of both fancy and simplicity. Bathing in brands may make you come off as a showoff!

Always be Honest:

As it is a Taurus man is repelled by superficiality and it is the same for lies. Taurus. Hates. Lies. Period. If you want your Taurus man to fall for you, steer clear of drama and lies. Be honest with him and most importantly, be honest with yourself. They can get triggered even by white lies so you know the amount of honesty you need to embody inside you. Don’t be afraid, Taurus men are known to be incredibly understanding so if you’re honest with them, they might just hold you closer and tell you it’s alright. However, if you’re caught red-handed, that is not the situation that is going to take place!

Embody Patience:

Taurus men take their time and hate to be rushed. Be it for a party or to commit themselves to a relationship, Taurus men move at their own pace. They are extremely cautious about emotional experiences and thus like to wait and weigh out the consequences before jumping right in. All you need to do is be patient. Don’t give up just because they are taking too much time. If you are sure they are into you, just wait. Your time is soon approaching. As soon as the Taurus man chalks out the entire scenario in his head, he is going to head right your way and make it worth the wait!


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