The Ram of the zodiac is the bold and brash bad boys of the zodiac. If you have managed a Ram for yourself, you seem to be an adventurous and forward-thinking partner who is interested in keeping the fire of desire burning bright.


Knowing Aries men

Aries men seize life by its horns. He is a proactive person who isn’t someone that sits on his hands but prefers action. He is always on the move. The fire nature of his sign makes him always choose a leadership role and he has to go to all in. He desires a stable and keen partner that has a thirst for adventure in them. If his partner is a dominant personality, you have to battle him from time to time. You have to create turns at taking hold of the reins to be fulfilled and happy.


How to attract the eye of an Aries Man

It's very easy to appreciate an Aries man. The charmer of the zodiac is sexy and has a very magnetic personality who possess a zest for life that can pose as a refreshing change to you. Once one meets an Aries, they are more likely to keep them around.

Engaging in a witty banter will show to Aries that his partner matches his personality and thoughts and fulfill his needs to be with someone equal to him. The Son Of Ares, the War God loves to engage in witty banter as love is a battlefield for him. He loves to be challenged and will take on it as soon as possible. Be sure to defend your options and stand up for your opinions to earn his respect.

Talk to him and about him. Being a fireman, he loves being confident. However, since he loves attention to make the first move. Talk to him and engage him in a witty conversation. He loves to flirt but loves attention too. However, keep some mystery to yourself as he loves to guess whether a woman likes him or not. 

Showing your intellectual prowess is another way of attracting an Aries Man. Aries loves to have a partner that they can show off. So, make sure while showing your superiority you don’t make him feel less than he is. The champion of underdogs- Aries Men has a special place in his heart for the underdogs. So, don’t put anyone down or else he will begin to question whether he should be with you or not.

Aries men are possessive. They love it when their partners flirt with them and them only but no one else. So, save your flirtations and eyelash batting only for your Aries man.

Embrace the ride of life with your Aries man. Aries men love adventures. Be sure to take him on one from time to time. Even if it’s a new sport or a new hobby, be sure to participate with him to have a jolly old time.

Aries men love physical attention but are not huge on public displays of affection. He loves a partner who can handle situations all by themselves and stand strong.

The last thing you need to remember is his volatile nature. They tend to have a temper that’s volatile and explosive. However, he doesn’t hold onto grudges and doesn’t resent you. Once a problem is solved it is done with. So, if you are a person who can patient and learn to live by forgetting and forgiving, this is the man for you.

The champion for the underdog, Aries man are more likely to play the role of a knight in shining armor. He loves to rescue vulnerable ladies so you might have to be vulnerable with him in order to attract him. However, he does not like to be chased and loves to do all the chasing by himself. Play the cards right by making yourself available to him rather than asking him out yourself. The Son of Ares is subtle and enjoys a mystery. He is more likely to the woo-er than a woo-ee and hence prefers to be traditional and romantic courtship.

So, remember these points-

  • Be strong
  • Be competent
  • Be feminine
  • Challenge him
  • Be a queen
  • Be gracious
  • Be indirectly assertive

In this article, we have finally realized how to attract, seduce and win an Aries man. He loves strength, femininity, and competence. Be sure to project that and you will able to attract an Aries man in no time.