How to Have a True Life-Changing Spiritual Awakening?

How to Have a True Life-Changing Spiritual Awakening?

Meaning of spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is a phase of life where one goes through a life that is deprived of Fame, power, money or any other materialistic happiness. It can be one of the most confusing, lonely, alienating or beautiful experiences of life.

The most exorbitant point about spiritual awakening is that it might occur in a blink of an eye or may happen with a big loss or any other life experience.

Spiritual Awakening is a sign that one's soul is evolving, expanding and maturing.

Someone Rightly said:

Spiritual awakening is the soul's cry for freedom. Full stop, listen to its call and your life will be transformed into something meaningful and significant to stop refusing its call and your life will be like a graveyard.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening.

Spiritual awakening might feel like pain and disturb initially. It can be confusing, and even emotional but this is a positive sign.

This shows that the expansion of soul has begun and the mind is able to grasp the actual happiness of life.

Life might seem pretentious at the very first stage of awakening. Every Concept and structure that one has believed in may not feel real and happening.

The only thought that will occupy one's mind would be the purpose and meaning of life. One might always starve to absorb the purpose of being alive.

Questions like, why do people suffer? Why isn't everyone equal? What is the purpose of life? what will happen when we die? Arise when awakening occurs.

The urge of making life simple and living a decluttered life is very prominent in this stage.

Emotions like love, compassion and care have a strong effect on one's personality. One can feel others pain sensitivity happiness love struggles and all other emotions that connect or divide them.

 7 stages of Spiritual Awakening.

There are 7 stages identified in the process of spiritual awakening. These are:

Feeling lost and unhappy.It is the first stage where I am not able to answer all the questions that are going on in their mind. The different 10 positions that are occurring in their life may not be very comfortable for one. This results in one feeling lost, unsatisfied and unhappy from the current life.

Change in perspective. Second stage where one starts to perceive the reality through their point of view. Structure or belief that was built from the initial stage of life starts changing as one builds his or her own viewpoint on different aspects of life.

Finding answers. All the questions that disturbed a person in their first stage of awakening,find their answers. The meaning of life is discovered. The purpose of being alive is recognised and worked on in the third stage of awakening.

Breakthrough. The answers to the questions and the reality of life might bring a breakthrough for a searching soul. The new beliefs and viewpoint of a person may not be accepted by the society and might also be rebelled.

Disillusionment. This is the fifth stage where one might feel lost again. Might get tired of the Spiritual Practices or finding new answers and the efforts he/she is putting in to change the perspective may seem worthless.

Deeper inner work. In this stage the spiritual philosophy and the surface practices might not feel soothing and interesting. The pain motivates one to do inner work. Meditation for mindfulness may attract the person.

Expansion and integration. The last stage of awakening where one has learnt all the spiritual lessons and has also learnt to apply those in their daily life. Spiritual awakening is giving them happiness now and they are under the self realisation of being happy in oneself. They have found the purpose of being alive and they feel the happiness of others. This is the phase where the expansion of the soul has completed and the mind has become mature.

Spiritual awakening is considered to be a stage where the mind is in the purest form and the soul has attained enlightenment. It's a process of patience, where one's capacity and willpower played a vital role and leads the person to a better meaning of life.