How to ease your overactive mind? – With the help of your Numerology Message!

It is hard to define something which can only be observed and understood intuitively. Numerology is a science involving numbers to be able to see the patterns of our inner self as well as outer self. There’s much stress on seeing the clock hit 11:11. It is believed that 11:11 is an auspicious time to wish for something. A portal of some kind opens according to some people who believe in Numerology. The numerology that we practice today is based on the teachings of the Pythagoras; the ancient Greek philosopher. His study of the numbers revealed that the physical manifestation was made of energetic vibrations of numbers. Accordingly, he tried to engineer a system to uncover and understand the mysteries of numbers and what they signify. 

Why Numerology?

A lot of things can be said when somebody asks why to opt for Numerology. Just like Tarot Reading and Astrology, Numerology is also a significant science that is not understood by many people. The pace of the modern world is so fast that people throughout the world are left feeling either underwhelmed or overwhelmed. The majority of the people on this Earth find it hard to quieten their mind’s chatter. It keeps them occupied throughout the day and can result in a mild/severe headache. If the mind is not taken charge of, a person is bound to go crazy!

Numerology can help in that. Just like Astrological messages, Tarot Reading messages, insights can also be derived out of Numerology. 

How do I begin with Numerology?

Numerologists believe that we all have a unique name with vibration and our birth name can reveal our personalities and our way of thinking. As per the Western Numerology chart, the alphabets starting from A and ending at Z are divided based on 1-9. 

For example, the chart looks like this:

1     2    3     4     5    6     7     8    9

A    B    C   D    E     F    G   H    I

J     K    L   M   N    O    P   Q    R

S    T     U   V   W    X   Y  Z

Now, add the numbers according to your birth name. For example, if your name is Shakul Arora, then the numbers added would be 1+8+1+2+3+3 (Shakul)

1+9+6+9+1 (Arora)

= 18 + 26

= 44

= 4+4

= 8

The total number we get out of Shakul Arora’s name is 8. The individual meaning of number 8: People who get number 8 are street-smart people. They’re very resilient and have the power to hold many businesses together. They are a great judge of together and can one day even go to be a politician!

How can Numerology ease my overactive mind?

An overactive mind is something that many people suffer. They suffer their overthinking, their imagination, their fears, all muddled in one. If you’re a dilettante of Tarot Reading and Astrology, add a pinch of Numerology to your daily routine to help you identify a certain pattern. 

 The more numbers you explore, the more that you get to understand life. Start reading about the meanings of various numbers, distinguish them with master numbers, etc. There is much online software available to make use of to get started with Numerology. After filling in the birth details, you can avail even your daily horoscope based on the numbers through Numerology! 

 Once you deepen this practice, you’ll even notice that you start seeing repeated numbers time to time again. They can be individual or observed in pairs. You’ll realize that the life you’re living right now is much more profound than the internal chatter of your mind. 

How to deepen your Numerology practice?

If you’re someone who’s not so number or mathematics savvy, you can use your phone’s calculator or download a Numerology application from the play store to get started. Maintain a diary of sorts where you can write the interpretation of numbers and then ask yourself, what do you feel about a number say 3? You can write your interpretation beside the one interpolated from the web. Try to identify the similarities and dissimilarities between the two. 

The beauty of numbers is such that they can be applied to anything in our life and used to forecast anything and everything. The more you practice, the better you’ll learn. It will not only help to ease your overactive mind by the insights it can provide to you. Rather it will also help you realize that mathematics expresses the values reflecting the cosmos we live in, including everything from balance, logic to abstract beauty. 

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