How to develop an Assertive behaviour in life?

How to develop an Assertive behaviour in life?

Nowadays, rudeness has become a very common trait among people. Whenever they have to disagree with anyone, the one thing that they always do is being rude to the person with a different perspective on things. Aggression has been seen as very common among people. We feel that our self - respect is being challenged when someone is disagreeing to things we believe. But do you know, you can express your opinions clearly without being rude or aggressive to anyone? It is essential to not lose patience when we are making a stand for things or putting our opinions to the public.

Opinions are very subjective, and hence, not everybody can agree with your opinions. There will be people who will disagree and might feel you are wrong. This is the reason people should be assertive in life. They should calmly and very politely put their opinions to people and also being aware that there will be people who will disagree. Having said that, it is also not easy to always be assertive in situations. Sometimes, we do lose our patience and self - control. Below, are some tips that might help you in becoming an assertive person.


5 Tips to Become an Assertive person


Accept that other’s opinions are not in your control


You just need to make some mental shifts in order to become an assertive person. One important shift that is necessary for you to make is to understand that you can’t control the opinions of other people. Opinions are a subjective matter. For a matter of fact, you are also disagreeing from someone else’s opinions. Hence, understand that you can’t change or control the behaviours of others.


Be ready for criticism


Often times, people become aggressive because they fail to take criticism. When you are voicing your opinions for a serious issue, you will have to stand at the receiving end too. Criticism, judgement, the backlash will be there. If you are not open to these things, then it might become really difficult for you to voice your opinions.


Listen to others


When you are voicing your opinion make sure you listen to others as well. If you will not listen to others then you won’t be able to understand other’s point of view. Listening to other’s opinions might change or bring a fresher outlook on your opinions. You need to understand that you cannot always be correct. Hence, carefully listening to others will make you understand things well.


Stay calm and try to be honest but not rude

In serious situations, sometimes staying calm can bring lots of changes. When we are disagreeing to someone or voicing our opinions it is necessary to stay calm. If we lose patience, then the situation might become harder to handle. Try to be honest, but don’t become rude while sounding honest. There is always a polite way to present everything.


Get Involve with a problem - solving approach

When you are disagreeing to someone, that doesn’t mean you hate them but the fact is that you feel their solutions are not helpful in this situation. Hence, always have a problem - solving approach. This way you won’t indulge in a fight and will not make the debate or disagreement personal. There are many advantages to being assertive. You will be able to avoid fights with people. With assertiveness, people will listen to you and will not feel irritated by your words. At times, rude behaviour makes the other person to not listen to us even if we are correct. You will be able to solve problems more maturely. Disagreements can lead to some serious personal hatred among people. Hence, being polite in your words will make the other person feel that you are not insulting them. The moment you will start giving respect to others while voicing your opinions and disagreeing, your opinions will automatically get heard by people.