There can be many difficult situations you will have to encounter in life. This is how life works, some are high, some parts low. There can be many responses you give to the issues in life, and the response you say will take you ahead in the due course of life. The path is decided by you, your spirit angles can only guide you. All the walking the hard work and the choices are made by you. With maturity, our mindset grows and we can change the way we react but the basic instinct remains the same. Balance number guides that instinct.


Method to find the balance number

Figuring out the balance number is fairly easy. All you need is a pen and a piece of paper. Write the value of the initials of your full name. You can write your preferred name or birth name for this. The name should be chosen which resonates with you. After writing the first middle and last initials convert them to their respective digits.

 As an example in the name Tina Jamie Holland, the initial of the first name is T, the middle name is J, and the last name is H. So here their numerology values are two for T, one for J, and 8 for H. Adding them gives us balance number as 2+1+8=11 which gives 1+1=2. Here Tina has 2 balance numbers ad 11 and 2. Despite 11 being a master number, we will reduce it.

In a numerology chart, the balance number is shown in the inverted triangle.


Balance number 1

You take advice from others but at the end do what your heart wishes to. If the decision you made goes wrong, you blame it on others. You consider yourself a loner and do not share your emotional turmoil with others. You have an emotional side that is rarely shared with your friends and family.


Balance number 2

You are a highly emotional person and rely on other sot provide you with happiness. People often use you for their work and you let them rain on your parade. Be courageous in what you wish to have from all your heart. Decide what you want and give your complete fight for it.


Balance number 3

In the face of a problem, you tend to let everything go. You accept the impending doom very early. Try being optimistic and light-hearted. It is not always to leave the match mid-fight. If you think you have some fight left, even a speck of it, then fight the challenges. 


Balance number 4

You are well versed with the problems of the logical world. It is the emotional struggles that put you in jeopardy. Find where your strength is. Try looking at your issues from a new perspective. You have fire in your heart which grows as a passion but also shows itself with anger. Direct the course of passion towards the things you want and try to control your anger.


Balance number 5

If you are ever stuck in a problem you tend to avoid it thinking it will go by itself when the time comes. Not all issues are like that. You have a certain charm in your aura. Use that to your benefit. You are an emotional person and often take the decisions of the brain with your heart. 


Balance number 6

You rely on your family and friends more than yourself when faced with any problem. Although they can act as a core to your aid the steps need to be taken by you. If you have a supportive group of friends and family, take their help but work harder than what they provide for you. 


Balance number 7

You have to surrender yourself in the power of introspection. No one can confront you and your evils better than you can. You can be engulfed with problems but your soul has the strength to overcome it all with your determination.


Balance number 8

You have a lot of power in your heart, persuasively make use of that. You may use the power to manipulate others at times without even knowing. Try to use it for the benefit of people. 


Balance number 9

You empathize with others. You learn by second-hand experience. You often also let your struggles go because of helping others. Do not let people manipulate you and let you think that you do not deserve what you want. You compromise easily, take a stand for yourself once.


See the words that your balance number has to share with you. This will help you to know about your present and change the future with your actions.