You are someone who wants to be taken seriously. The key traits that you have are that of being very strong, full of purpose and pretty focused.

You see the whole world in just two colors, that are black and white. Hence, it is very difficult for anyone to know their position in your life.

You are very hardworking and show a lot of love as well as loyalty towards your near and dear ones. However, you tend to be full of secrets and don’t really share everything with others.

Everyone’s secrets are safe with you. Physical intimacy is of the utmost importance to you. You are very classy and have an unusual charm.

People fall for you as soon as you enter the room. Your mere presence attracts everyone towards you. Here is a list of things that attracts you the most. 

How to attract Scorpio: Success

Success is as good as a love potion for you. The first thing you look at in a person is their success.

You tend to measure your partner’s worth by seeing his/her rate of success in life. You will always want to fall in love with someone you respect. For you, your lover has to be pretty intelligent, strong, and full of purpose. 

How to attract Scorpio: Devoted

You love to be in charge of your life as well as your partner’s life. You think that your opinions and thoughts are always right.

However, this nature of yours can cause some serious fights between you and your partner when he/she tries to explain their point of view or contradict you. 

You will not alter your decision in any case. Therefore, the best way to attract Scorpio is to be devoted to them. You will want your partner to listen and do whatever you want them to do.

How to attract Scorpio: Class

You will always want your lover to be very classy and full of elegance. Someone who has a good dressing sense will attract you the most.

However, people who are ignorant about their class and lifestyle will repulse you a great deal. 

However, there are some things that Scorpio simply hates. Here is a list of them.

How to attract Scorpio: Being yourself

You hate your partner to pretend to be something they are not. You want them to be totally genuine. Therefore, anyone who wants to win your heart has to be true to you. 

Even if your partner somehow manages to enter your heart with pretense, as soon as you understand that he/she is lying, you will without even thinking once.

How to attract Scorpio: Romantic

You adore romantic things a lot. You will thus want your lover to show all sorts of romantic gestures to win your heart.

Something normal and casual just can’t satisfy you and make you fall for someone. Therefore, as soon as your lover does something out of the box, he/she will win your heart in seconds. 

Things Scorpio Hate in their Lover: Flirting

You will hate anyone who tries to flirt with you unnecessarily. This might trigger your anger, especially when you are taken or are married.

You will take it as an insult and hence get totally repulsed by that particular person. Hence, you will want a partner who has the similar thinking. You want your partner to be dedicated to you and you alone. 

Things Scorpio Hate in their Lover: Contradiction

You cannot tolerate the fact that someone is contradicting you. If anyone wants to win your heart then they have to avoid correcting you about anything no matter what.

They will have to find whatever you say as the right thing. You do not mind if your partner avoids doing what you tell them to. However, you just won’t take your lover having a different opinion because you are never wrong. 

Things Scorpio Hate in their Lover: Stingy

You have class and want your partner to have it too. Although you are not materialistic you tend to measure your partner’s love towards you by the number of gifts they give you.

You will always want you to give her pretty expensive gift. Anything cheap will make you think that your partner does not love you enough.

All in all, you are very difficult to impress and love over-the-top things. You will want your partner to be very exciting. 

She is very supportive of her partner and will want the same from his/her side too.