How to attract Leo Man

How to attract Leo Man

 Attracting a Leo man is no easy task. Strong, Confident and regal, these individuals can lighten up the room once they enter it. That’s how magnetic and charismatic their personality is. No wonder you want to figure out how to attract this one. Sometimes they're dominant and leader-like nature gives the impression of being inaccessible to anyone. This can be intimidating sometimes, thus making it tough for these girls to make their move. But still, they have a sensitive, joyful and cheerful side of their personality which make them deeply respected and loved in their social circles. These men love attention and spotlight and everything in their life is pretty much centred around themselves. Adored by a lot of women, it’s not difficult for them to find a girl. To grab his attention, you have to be unique and strong so that he can notice you among the crowd.

Here are a few tips and secrets to attracting that lion of yours :

Be You 

Nothing catches his attention more than a woman who is unique and eccentric in her own way and doesn’t really care about what others think of her.

 Girl, you need to stand out from the crowd and be the best version of who you are. From the ways, you dress to the way you walk and interact with everyone, make sure it’s unique to you and it’s your own thing.

Be Strong

Leo’s seeking women who are strong, intelligent, confident and one who has her own mind and thoughts. Ladies, they are looking for warriors who are powerful and have the strength to live her own way. Their own life is centred around themselves, their goals and dreams, and they would want a partner who isn’t a cry baby and who’s not dependent on him at all. They don’t have time and patience to fix anyone.

Let Him Do The Chasing

Show him that you are interested, but maintain your hard to get and mysterious aura. Leo’s love to chase and fight for what they want. You might feel intimidated by him, and somehow you’ll find him too consumed in himself, but trust me, if he has your attention, you’ll enjoy watching him going at lengths to get you. They love to put all the work and effort into whatever that catches his attention and win the chase. Let him do it.

On Your Own

It’s important for Leo’s to have a partner who doesn’t make him feel needy. You got to be self-sufficient. Travel on your own, have your own dreams and goals, work hard for them, speak your mind, enjoy your alone time, have hobbies and various kinds of interests etc. Basically, be happy on your own. Show him that you are happy without him. They will love you for that. They will love you for being there for your own self. They will love you being on your own.

Let Him Be

Although they want their woman to be all-powerful and independent, they like to play the lead in their relationships as they are natural-born leaders. They are a little traditional in that way and enjoy being in charge of the relationship. It comes from a very generous and loyal place in their hearts. Allow him to play this role as that makes them happy. Also, their love for attention and adoration is astrologically sparkled to him. So instead of paying that much attention to it, let him enjoy and have fun.

Show Him That You Love

Outside they might look all-powerful and showy, they do have a sensitive and vulnerable side that they hide. They need love and affection so that they can feel safe and secure. Show him that you love. Holding hands, head stroking and kissing on their forehead, these small physical gestures can really make him happy and calm. Open up your deepest thoughts and emotions to him, and see how easily he opens up his emotional side to you. Behind all that spotlight and loud cheer, there’s a version of him that just needs to be loved. Show him that you love.

Stay Loyal

Leo’s are very loyal and devoted individuals. Be it for their family, friends, work or their partners, and they hold enough honour for themselves to expect that in return. Don’t be disloyal to them, otherwise, they won’t hesitate from walking away. If there’s any problem instead of hiding, try communicating it clearly, otherwise, it can turn bad.