From the time immemorial, the astrologers, magicians and the nature lovers have tuned in to the vibration of the different energies that are emitted by the planets and are absorbed by us. They have an affinity with the days of the week that helps in harvesting the energy.

This starts from the time of the Babylonians when the planets: Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, has not yet been discovered.

Therefore the energy we live on is attained by the energies bestowed by the planets which encircle with the effect, around us. The days of the week has a huge resemblance with it comes with the connection along with the planets. By setting our intentions on the planet that rules over each of the days of the week, we can easily connect to the power that is being showered by them.


Monday is the advent of the new week, therefore, it is the best when it comes to self-healing or self-love. We might be going through different shades of mood. It is also advisable to eat healthily and not to exceed for the excess as Moon is related to the stomach. For something new to begin with, Monday is not a favourable one as it moves fast and thus has the tendency to move along with the stability as well.


Tuesday embarks the day to portray the skills that you comprise of. With the accurate alignment of the planets, it showers bravery and the courageous attitude. Exercise is a pivotal spectrum for this day as activities are really charged due to that. This day is auspicious to begin or start something fresh. But focusing on a project may not provide the best results as that requires diplomacy and tactfulness.


Wednesday is the day of the week which is closely related to each and every sort of communications, around the horizons. It can be any form of expression. This is enriching day that provides the solution to the problems with the definite logic that it requires. It may also involve a serious conversation. That is why it is one of the best days to initiate a new project or communication that demands attention and focus.


Thursday is ruled by the planet lord, Jupiter. This planet helps us to dream impossible and take chances to reach to the destination that you aspire for. It is the rich day to gather knowledge, studies and acquire the different philosophies that help in moulding life. Jupiter is the ruler of abundance and prosperity thus it is also a great day for initiating the start of something new.


Friday is ruled by the Goddess Venus, who is the epitome of love. This is the day that gives real pleasure and satisfaction over anything you do or take up in hand. This day is also ruled by artistic touch and fashionable statements. Go for an outing to a museum or visit an opera. It will help to ignite the artistic side of what you are made of. This is the best day for gathering or socializing. Throw a party or visit one. With the proper alignment of the planets, it is also known as the auspicious day for getting into the union of marriage.


Saturday is ruled by the planet, Saturn. It is responsible and a very serious-planet therefore wasting time is never favoured on this day. Make sure to get yourself together and put on a real show no matter what happens. This day is the best to mend that situation, things or relationship that has been broken. On the contrary, it is the inauspicious day to get married as well.


Sundays are the important days of the weeks as it is ruled by the Sun. It is the day to venturing the ravishing You. Do something or create something that directly links to your inner soul. Sun holds a sense of authority and therefore, it is the best to approach someone because you will definitely grab attention due to that.